blasting cap

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a small tube filled with detonating substances

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A blasting cap is necessary to explode dynamite, as is a fuse.
Hook the M51 blasting cap test set to the control box using the two-wire pigtailed cable.
These new components provide the same functionality as the M11 and M16 blasting cap assemblies, but with expanded capabilities.
Primitive bombs can be made simply enough using explosive, nails, a fuse, tape and some form of "blasting cap".
The person checking the vehicle should also look for loose wires or strands of wire that are clean and especially those that are 22-24 gauge in thickness, similar to those used in a blasting cap.
Recovered in the encounter site were three improvised shotguns, an improvised explosive device (IED), 50 meters detonating cord, and a blasting cap, the 71st IB CMO officer said.
He said the former rebels surrendered one M16 rifle with one magazine and 30 rounds ammunition; one modified M16 with 59 rounds ammunition; one homemade 5.56mm single-shooter pistol with six rounds ammunition; homemade Ingram; one 12-gauge shotgun; one .357 caliber revolver with five rounds ammunition; one 14-kilogram improvised explosives device; one blasting cap; 30-meter electrical wire; one Samsung cellular phone with charger and headset, and a powerbank.
According to the report, they left behind one lower receiver M16 rifle, one long magazine of M16 rifle, two IEDs, blasting cap, one homemade shotgun with one magazine, 150-meter tripwire, one transistor radio, subversive documents, food stuff, batteries, three water containers, three back packs with personal belongings, and one hammock.
196544; homemade .38 caliber pistol without serial number; bullets; grenade; red time fuse; and blasting cap with electrical wire.
Randy A Coloma, recovered the IEDs weighing 15 and 7 kilos respectively with one blasting cap and 50 meters wire, she added.