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a workman employed to blast with explosives

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After extensively researching our Raster Blaster user base of over 5,000 customers, we were able to determine a feature set that will have impact on over 70 percent of them," said Jeffrey Piestrak, Xitron Product Manager.
This mindset of Blaster did end up paying off well.
The original stationary shot blaster has been in operation for decades, but when the US Navy required a machine that could remove non-slip materials and paint from the floors of their aircraft carriers, the portable shot blaster was developed.
The game is a reboot and reimagining that draws heavily from 1988's NES title Blaster Master.
Climate you are a holistic doctor, a chiropractic physician, a naprapath, a clinical physician or a specialist the Miracle Blaster Machine is not only a wise financial investment to contribute to your #medical #practice yet to several #Practitioners the #Miracle #Blaster #health #machine is the life-line that in fact maintains some #practioners in company.
Climate you are a holistic medical professional, a chiropractic specialist, a naprapath, a medical physician or a specialist the Miracle Blaster Machine is not just a clever investment to include in your #medical #practice but to numerous #Practitioners the #Miracle #Blaster #health #machine is the life-line that really keeps some #practioners in business.
Featuring dual-orientation playback, the Sound Blaster FRee can be placed either horizontally for wide stereo imaging or vertically for 360-degree sound.
99 each license of VDI Blaster can be used to update and upgrade existing Widows PCs devices from XP to DeTOS, all fully managed by Echo.
Devon IT VDI Blaster is the most popular software tool that enables a PC to act as a thin client that is currently available in the growing VDI market.
With this formidable blaster, fans will enjoy unprecedented power, precision, and distance.
The Sound Blaster Tactic3D Fury gaming headset introduces a sleek new design to the Tactic3D headset family.
Jennifer Ellison's Fat Blaster Workout, E, pounds 19.
If you aren't a lucky winner, the Fisher-Price Turbo Blaster is available at various retail outlets.
Approved by the Championship Gaming Seriesao (CGS) and tested by world-renowned gamer Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, the USB-powered Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go