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of or relating to blastemata

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Microscopical picture (hematoxylin-eosin, x400) showing blastemal cells and stromal element.
Through loss- and gain-of-function approaches, they showed that Fgf signaling emanating from the distal region of the epidermis promotes shh expression in the proximal epidermis but that Fgf/Ras signaling prevents shh expression in the distal epidermis through the induction of pea3 expression and maintenance of wnt5b, an inhibitor of blastemal proliferation.
1] of indomethacin, did not suffer damage on the regenerative process of their tail fins, thus, this dose did not affect the formation of the epidermal cap, connective tissue, blastema, blastemal cells differentiation and formation of actinotrichia, as well as synthesis, deposition, organisation and mineralisation of the components of the lepidotrichial matrix.
Given its location and its classic small blue cell appearance, blastemal predominant Wilms tumor should be high on the differential diagnosis.
High power of the edge of the tumour shows osteoid with osteoblasts on the left and mitotically active blastemal cells at the centre.
The origin of blastemal tissues was not examined in the present study, but probably involves the growth of existing tissues (e.
Histologically, Epithelial and stromal elements show a better response than blastemal components.
10) For example, both PAX2 and PAX8 are abundantly expressed by renal blastemal cells during nephrogenesis, then are noted in only a few renal parenchymal cells in mature kidney, but are identified again in RCC.
The phases of the process are: formation of a multistratified epidermal layer, disorganisation and distal migration of mesenchymal cells near to the amputation plane, proliferation of these mesenchymal cells to form the blastema, continuous proliferation of the distal blastema to facilitate growth, and differentiation of the proximal blastemal cells to replace its lost structures (Akimenko et al.
Immature tissues may include varying amounts of neuroectodermal tissue or blastemal tissue.