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of or relating to blastemata

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However, CD99 may be expressed in over 90% cases of LBL, over 75% of PDSS, approximately 50% of MCS, 20%-25% of primitive RMS, the blastemal component of some cases of WT, and rare cases of small cell osteosarcoma and DRCT.[6] Thus, a new marker for diagnosing PNET is needed.
Some other experiments have demonstrated that blastemal cells have positional memory [31].
Histologically, it is constituted by malignant cells forming aggregates like rows or glands (Figure 5(b)), with features of blastemal tissue (Figure 4(d)).
Microscopical picture (hematoxylin-eosin, x400) showing blastemal cells and stromal element.
PPB has two histological components; the blastemal cells and the mesenchymal cells.
(2005) studied transgenic zebrafish that expressed a dominant-negative Fgf receptor, and demonstrated that Fgf signaling instructs position-dependent growth rate by modulating shh expression in the wound epidermis and position-dependent blastemal function (Lee et al..
Fin regeneration is characterised by: formation of a multilayered wound epidermis, disorganisation and distal migration of mesenchymal cells proximal to the amputation plane, proliferation of these mesenchymal cells to form the regeneration blastema, continued distal blastemal proliferation to facilitate outgrowth and proximal blastemal differentiation to replace missing structures (Goss and Stagg, 1957; Santamaria and Becerra, 1991; Johnson and Weston, 1995; Poss et al., 2000a, 2000b).
The list includes blastemal predominant Wilms tumor, lymphoblastic lymphoma, synovial sarcoma, solid variant of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, neuroblastoma, desmoplastic small round blue cell tumor, and small cell carcinoma.
Microscopically 3 cases had triphasic (blastemal, epithelial & mesenchymal) lineage, and 2 cases had biphasic lineage.
The blastemal cells and native kidney can be seen on the right.
The origin of blastemal tissues was not examined in the present study, but probably involves the growth of existing tissues (e.g., epidermis) in combination with the migration of mesodermal-- and possibly endodermal--neoblasts, as occurs in other annelids (Hill, 1970; Christensen, 1994).
However, CCAM shows only cysts lined by respiratory epithelium, with muscle and fibrous tissue, within cyst wall and absence of malignant cells, cambium layer and any blastemal or sarcomatous component, as seen in pleuropulmonary blastoma.
(10) For example, both PAX2 and PAX8 are abundantly expressed by renal blastemal cells during nephrogenesis, then are noted in only a few renal parenchymal cells in mature kidney, but are identified again in RCC.
The phases of the process are: formation of a multistratified epidermal layer, disorganisation and distal migration of mesenchymal cells near to the amputation plane, proliferation of these mesenchymal cells to form the blastema, continuous proliferation of the distal blastema to facilitate growth, and differentiation of the proximal blastemal cells to replace its lost structures (Akimenko et al., 2003; Geraudie and Singer, 1992; Goss and Stagg, 1957; Johnson and Weston, 1995; Poss et al., 2000; Santamaria and Becerra, 1991; Santos-Ruiz et al., 2002).
Histologically, Epithelial and stromal elements show a better response than blastemal components.