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Blast-Off Brands co-founder Ramez Toubassy will join Gordon Brothers as president of the Brands Division and the rest of the Blast-Off Brands team will take on senior leadership positions on both the creative and licensing sides of the business.
Before the blast-off, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il appeared to make a rare public appearance, when he visited a theatre in Pyongyang.
As blast-off nears, the seats tilt back so the `astronauts' are facing skywards as they would be in a real rocket launch.
Nate Gorman of Las Vegas drops some voodoo on this Peter Hewitt blast-off
The immediate need for these services is today's expected blast-off of ESA's unprecedented mission of cometary exploration, Rosetta, which is expected to trigger a substantial spike in traffic to the space agency's Web portal.
Two shuttles were on stand-by for blast-off on a journey that reads like a Hollywood script.
Before hitting the popular blast-off hip, ledge or what have you, the Beamer looks left, then right, scoping his "audience.
TWO days after blast-off, the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission was in trouble.
Her parents Larry and Mary Egan where in the US for blast-off earlier this week.
On July 22, 1999, the launch of Columbia was halted just seven seconds from blast-off when a dangerous build-up of hydrogen gas stopped the countdown.
South African TV stations carried live broadcasts of the blast-off and one channel is providing 24-hour coverage of his mission to the International Space Station.
There are suggestions the team tried to get the blast-off time changed but AXA said they have had no complaints.