blast wave

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a region of high pressure travelling through a gas at a high velocity

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The near-infrared emission might instead represent gas left over from the explosion (or dust from the previous explosion in 1985) that remained near the binary, behind the nova's blast wave. It could also be hot gas boiling off the very hot white dwarf after the outburst.
Photos of the aftermath showed the base mess hall collapsed by the blast wave. Two Americans were killed and 25 wounded seriously enough to require evacuation.
He suggests the drop in intensity occurred because the blast wave encountered a dense wall of gas that dramatically slowed its expansion.
As the blast wave continues to travel outward and reveal previously unseen material, it will allow astronomers to map the distribution of gas around the supernova and may illuminate two mysterious outer rings.
According to Hold, the X-ray-emitting electrons and ions represent material from the interstellar medium that got heated and swept up by the expanding blast wave from the supernova explosion.
Reports about the explosion were backed up by witnesses who posted about it on social networks, saying they could even "feel the blast wave".
They compared how the brain would respond to the same blast wave simulated in three scenarios: a head with no helmet, a head wearing the ACH, and a head wearing the ACH with a face shield.
Joseph Wampler of the European Southern Observatory in Garching, Germany, says the brightening may be a prelude to the fireworks expected some 4 years from now, when the densest part of the supernovas blast wave slams into the gas ring.
"The blue, outer region of Cas A shows the expanding blast wave of the explosion," NASA explained in a ( statement .
"When you get an explosion, there is a blast wave, then there is a vacuum," said professor of medicine Kenneth Boffard.
The blast wave field and structural responses of the vehicle cab are simulated numerically.
Spent cartridges, menus, receipts, plates with meals, chairs, laptops, phones and other personal effects were strewn all over.It is the shooting, coupled with the blast wave from the suicide bomber who appears to have detonated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at the restaurant's foyer, that shattered glass windows causing extensive damage.
He was backed by Dr Evgeny Zubko, a cosmic dust expert from the School of Natural Sciences at the Far Eastern Federal University, who said local residents had noted "a blast wave".
He said it was just fortunate that a light Army KM-450 truck was parked near the tricycle, reducing the blast wave radius of the IED.