blast wave

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a region of high pressure travelling through a gas at a high velocity

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The area under the pressure-time curve is the impulse of the blast wave.
To prevent malfunction of such fire dampers due to seizing of the blade plate affected by blast wave additional bearings can be used, installed in LIM inductors active zone [11] but it helps only when the blade itself is not deformed too much, and this condition may be met when damper is completely shut before pressure jump.
Huge explosions hit an industrial area in the northeast Chinese port city of Tianjin late on Wednesday, triggering a blast wave felt kilometres (miles) away and injuring scores of people, Chinese media reported.
For instance, the changes in the amount of the X-ray luminosity and temperature during the last decade suggest that GK Persei blast wave is currently expanding into a region of much lower density.
In addition, the understanding of the extent of visual dysfunction and damage to ocular structures by the blast wave has been hampered by the lack of a population exposed solely to primary blast.
Explosions create a blast wave, whether from an improvised explosive device (IED) or from firing high-powered ammunition.
The proof, they said, came via a blast wave from the sun that jostled particles around the probe in April 2013.
That way, even if the targeted aircraft eluded the missile or the direct effects of its blast wave, a piece of shrapnel from the cloud might be enough to damage an engine or sever fuel and hydraulic lines.
A primary blast injury occurs as the shock front and the overpressure blast wave move through the body.
Primary blast generally describes the sudden increase in air pressure created by the blast wave, which causes internal damage to air-containing organs.
Thermobaric explosives function by releasing a cloud of fuel or metal particles into the air upon initial detonation, and then igniting the air in a second explosion, causing a blast wave that can travel through caves and bunkers; people may die either as a result of the initial explosion or otherwise asphyxiation.
Sophisticated analysis methods, including computational fluid dynamics and finite-element analysis, simulate the propagation of the blast wave and the distortion of building elements as building components respond to the effects of an explosion.
The blast wave may also cause contusions of the bowel wall leading to perforation 24 hours to even a week later.
Some interviewees said that they could feel the power of the blast wave even 100 metres away and that the ground was shaking.
The blast wave damaged building of the police station.