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launch with great force

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Blast Off has very appealing graphics and is pleasing to the eyes.
Azran Osman-Rani, the airline chief executive officer, said, 'We are pleased to usher in 2012 with our Blast Off 2012 promotion which offers low fare deals to selected AirAsia X destinations.
Discovery was scheduled to blast off at 0235GMT this morning and streak by a nearly full moon, taking seven astronauts, including a British robotics expert, on a mission to rewire the International Space Station.
The US space shuttle will not blast off again until November at the earliest, NASA said yesterday
The Discovery Space Shuttle was due to blast off this afternoon despite failure to identify the fuel gauge problem which two weeks ago delayed the first shuttle flight since the Columbia disaster in 2003.
The Skylark rocket had been due to blast off for the last time at 6am but weather conditions forced experts to put the launch back until 10am.
Interorbital has designed a space capsule called Neptune that will blast off from a platform in the ocean and then soar into orbit around Earth.
In The Blast Off Kid, James decides to collect 10,000 labels to win a coveted trip.
While some went for blast off, others went for broke on the rail contraption.
The missile will blast off from Kazakhstan in November, 2001.
Tito's girlfriend Dawn Abraham watched the former rocket engineer blast off into space.
Tito's girlfriend Dawn Abraham was thought to have watched him blast off into space.
The crew is set to blast off from Kazakhstan on October 30 in a Russian spacecraft (see map, pp.
Dole includes a disclaimer that says the winner will get $50,000 if the trip fails to blast off before the end of 2003.
The off is being run in conjunction with the Toys R Us Blast Off event at Toys R Us Parkway Coventry on August 18 from 11am until 6pm.