blast furnace

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a furnace for smelting of iron from iron oxide ores

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This represents the best residual dust concentration indicator across blast furnace de-dusting systems in Russian steelmaking.
In the 1870s there were 100 blast furnaces along the banks of the Tees.
Under this action, the blast furnace and associated steelmaking operations will be idled.
Verma also informed that a similar blast furnace which would soon take off at its IISCO Steel Plant ( ISP) in Burnpur will raise the company's hot metal capacity to around 23.
also closed a blast furnace at its iron mill in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, in 2011.
Substantial upgrade of the power generating facilities it to ensure uninterruptable supply of blast air to the blast furnaces of Yenakiieve Steel.
A coke oven is a device to produce coke from coal, which is used as a fuel for blast furnaces to smelt iron ore.
In comparison to pig iron produced in a blast furnace, the production of iron nuggets using the ITmk3 Process emits about 20% less carbon dioxide due to its good energy efficiency.
The news comes on the heels of the company's decision to shut down a blast furnace it had just brought online in August and curtailing production on another.
coal directly to the tuyeres of the mini blast furnace.
The Beijing Shougang Group, one of the capital city's major polluters, extinguished the fire in the number four blast furnace after 35 years in operation.
Each of the top BOF steel producers took significant action to curb production, with US Steel idling its largest blast furnace for a good part of the year to complete a rebuild.
As China's steelmaking capacity has grown, decision-makers there gravitated toward iron ore-dependent blast furnace steelmaking, rather than scrap-dependent EAF steelmaking.
Vital information about the safety of a blast furnace which exploded killing three men was unknown to senior managers an hour before the tragedy, an inquest has heard.
AUSTRALIAN researchers are experimenting with co-firing plastic waste with coal in the blast furnace iron-making process.