blast furnace

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a furnace for smelting of iron from iron oxide ores

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Under the terms of a deal Tata signed with British unions in late 2016, the company committed to no forced redundancies at Port Talbot and to keeping a two blast furnace operations at the plant until 2021.
There is, however, no definitive decision made yet on any form of blast furnace repair or reline.
Previously, this technology was introduced at blast furnace No.
Table 1--Raw materials and products of a blast furnace per ton pig iron Tons Raw materials Ore 1.
In the 1870s there were 100 blast furnaces along the banks of the Tees.
slag), that during the period of cooling and hardening from its molten state, blast furnace slag can be cooled in several ways to form any of several types of products.
Verma also informed that a similar blast furnace which would soon take off at its IISCO Steel Plant ( ISP) in Burnpur will raise the company's hot metal capacity to around 23.
Samples of blast furnace slag (BFS) were collected from Ann Joo Integrated Steel Sdn.
Based on Nippon Steel's history, it would be the first blast furnace closure in 20 years since it halted operations at its Hirohata iron mill in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, in 1993.
The first blast furnace is expected to go online by the end of May 2015, targeting the Southeast Asia market.
THE blast furnace which reopened this year after a three-year battle to save it has just produced its millionth tonne of steel.
STEEL making is to resume at one of the UK's biggest steel plants - after plans were finalised to restart its blast furnace.
PT Krakatau Steel Tbk and MCC-CERI, a contractor from China will soon carry out development of a blast furnace plant with a capacity of 1.
3 blast furnace in Dangjin(C)1994-2010 ENPublishing - http://www.