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Synonyms for revetment

a barrier against explosives

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a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment

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A BDI blast fence, for example, constitutes any structure fixed in place for protecting people or objects, such as buildings, from jet blast.
The wing tip of a Boeing 747-400 aircraft operated by Australia's Qantas struck a blast fence at New York's JFK Airport yesterday (29 May).
The jetliner overran the end of Burbank Airport's Runway 8, collided with a metal blast fence and a perimeter wall and came to rest in a city street, Hollywood Way, a few yards from a gas station.
Linda McDonnell and her then-4-year-old daughter were on Hollywood Way when the plane careened through a blast fence and hit their car.
Tenders are invited for DESIGN/BUILD: Design/build of an airport blast fence.