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a blast of wind laden with sand

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grind with a sandblast

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He said a containment structure will be erected around the tank to prevent paint and metal debris generated during the blast cleaning from escaping into the environment.
He said the project includes replacement of the bridge roadway floor system, repairs of the iron truss, blast cleaning and painting of the superstructure, repairs to the substructure and approach roadways, and improvements to the bridge rail and sidewalk safety features, along with new bridge lighting.
In one of the closely monitored initial trials using a Cold Jet Aero 40 dry ice blast cleaning system, Ghirardelli was able to reduce its clean-up time by more than 60 percent.
The Bahrain-based Cool Blasting Company will specialise in dry ice blast cleaning and dry ice production.
The experience of one Tyco Electronics plant in Belgium, which makes airbag connectors and other safety components, exemplifies the efficiency of dry-ice blast cleaning. This plant has more than 300 molds, 10 of which are larger, long-running tools that make products ranging in size from 0.39 in.
Capacity limits include straight pipe in 2-48 inches wall thickness with automated coating and blast cleaning line.
The author explains how waterborne paints differ from their solvent-borne counterparts, which abrasives are best for blast cleaning, methods for disposing of abrasive contaminated with lead-based paint, the weathering and aging of paint, and accelerated corrosion testing techniques.
The Model RSSA-8 is available in specially adapted versions for abrasive blasting, shot peening, nondestructive blast cleaning, cosmetic surface finishing and media-blast coating removal.
Cops are also probing the theft of pounds 27,000 of steel spools from Aberdeen Blast Cleaning Services.
Key applications include descaling, shot peening, surface preparation, cosmetic finishing, and blast cleaning of hefty castings, fabrications, and machined components.
(Evergreen, Colo.) has announced it will acquire USFilter's Surface Preparation Group, which includes brand names Wheelabrator (wheelblast cleaning, peening and deburring systems; LaGrange, Ga.) and Blastrac (portable blast cleaning systems, Koln, Germany).
After a blast cleaning with the plastic media, there is no dust residue, and the time, and, therefore, cost savings, are significant.
From Niko of Germany they will see a container air cleaner, which is suitable for blast cleaning open-necked jars at speeds up to 200 containers a minute.
The product portfolio ranges from portable abrasive blast cleaning equipment, hand blast cabinets, blast rooms, a full range of expendable and recyclable abrasives, abrasive recovery, and dust extraction & collection equipment.
The blast cleaning machine is a high-production unit on wheels that is connected directly to the outlet of the storage hopper.