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Synonyms for blaspheme



Synonyms for blaspheme

to use profane or obscene language

Synonyms for blaspheme

utter obscenities or profanities

speak of in an irreverent or impious manner

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Judge Raja Pervez Akhtar acquitted Asghar of the allegation levelled under a section which forbids blaspheming the Holy Prophet, but imprisoned him for 10 years under a section which forbids outraging religious feelings, and also imposed a fine of Rs 200,000.
Italian referees were told last week to give red cards to players they hear blaspheming.
The Council, a global body linking Protestant and Orthodox churches in 110 countries, has called on the Pakistani government to change a law that allows for the death penalty for blaspheming Islam.
So it's a big thumbs down to other gods, craven images, blaspheming and working on the Sabbath.
In February 1989 the Ayatollah raised a storm by ordering Muslims to seek out and kill British author Salman Rushdie for blaspheming against Islam in his novel The Satanic Verses.
Engaging With the Holy Spirit: Real Questions, Practical Answers" is a book dedicated to helping those who have lost their way to return to the path of wholeness and stop blaspheming.
Religious leaders are rallying around a death sentence placed on a journalist in Afghanistan for allegedly blaspheming Islam.
Now people swear the whole time, if they are not blaspheming, so the words have lost all their power to shock.
For Christians, these foul-mouthed individuals are blaspheming.
He said: "The same freedom that allowed him to have a book published blaspheming the Prophet is the same freedom women who choose to wear it are invoking.
In another story--these are commonly traded by Pakistani Christians--the prosecuting witness stated he couldn't possibly relate the nature of the crime since he'd then be blaspheming himself.
We see Andy Capp standing in the betting shop, a statue of the Lord Jesus in one hand, Rosary Beads in the other, blaspheming at the top of his voice.
Isn't that exactly what Jesus is angry enough to call unforgivable, the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit?
Nasreen - who went into voluntary exile seven years ago after Islamic radicals threatened to kill her over the content of another book - would face up to two years in prison if found guilty of blaspheming Islam.
COPS have shut down five websites for blaspheming Catholicism with porno pictures and offensive statements about the Madonna.