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Synonyms for blaspheme



Synonyms for blaspheme

to use profane or obscene language

Synonyms for blaspheme

utter obscenities or profanities

speak of in an irreverent or impious manner

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html">website</a>, the New Hampshire-based company offers the assurance that "Each of our representatives has stated to us in writing that they are atheists, do not believe in God / Jesus, and that they have blasphemed in accordance with Mark 3:29, negating any chance of salvation.
The second Person of the Trinity is demeaned - even blasphemed - when someone seeks to represent Him with porcelain and paint.
Some 20-year-old men were shouting foul songs all the way and a group of 20-year-old girls blasphemed and "f'd" frequently, in the seat behind, loudly.
For a few seconds the bird squawked and yelled and blasphemed and then went deadly quiet.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Government has decided to take strict action against publication of blasphemed, obstinate materials and movies on social web sites.
While the ministry wide committee has recommended blocking the social site youtube across Pakistan over the publication of blasphemed film.
He said: "In the killing, raping and looting fields of Darfur, in the broken nation and a broken people of Zimbabwe who have been force-fed with injustice and can swallow no more, for the unreconciled children of Abraham in the Middle East - the Palestinians without a viable state they can call home and Israelis hungry for peace and security, or the refugees, the homeless and people caught up in human trafficking, in the walls of silence about the abduction of Madeleine McCann, the murder of Rhys Jones and the failure for any to take responsibility for the Omagh bombing - God is being violated and blasphemed.
blasphemed and insulted Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by sending offensive and discourteous messages.
In an intervention, incensed Interior and Municipalities Minister Marwan Charbel rebuked what he described as blasphemed and unjust accusations continuously targeting his person.
He added: "We refused to swear allegiance to the Islamic State and our village / Ramala / was subjected to looting and theft and our national tribal symbols were blasphemed, but we will never give in except to unified Iraq and we emphasize our rejection that our oil resources being occupied, controlled or exploitation, whether in coordination and understanding with the enemies of the Iraqi people or the owners of the internal or regional agendas that do not want good for Iraq.
But when the local police probed into the incident, did not prove that she blasphemed Quran and then it arrested all the involved killers in the brutal killing of a Hafiz-e-Quran woman.
The Holy Name of God blasphemed, and the Holy Day of the Lord profaned, fills up the measure of iniquities .
Four people were killed, three in police shooting, and about 200 were injured during Friday's protests by tens of thousands of Islamists, demanding the hanging of bloggers whom they say blasphemed Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.