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Synonyms for blarney

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Synonyms for blarney

excessive, ingratiating praise

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Synonyms for blarney

flattery designed to gain favor

influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering

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Wait a minute, this Blarney Stone thing might be working after all.
One story claims the word blarney gained popularity as a word for flattery after Queen Elizabeth I of England used it to describe the flowery (but apparently less than honest) cajolery of Cormac MacCarthy, who was then the lord of Blarney Castle.
"When Curtin asked MacArthur his opinion of Blarney's proposal 'to attack the Japanese instead of using passive defense measures,' MacArthur told Curtin that 'the tactics of the problem naturally were a responsibility of the local commander,' but that he 'was in disapproval of the method suggested as being unnecessary and wasteful of lives and resources.' MacArthur 'advised him [Curtin] strongly not to permit the tactical program suggested by General Blarney.' Charges were raised in the Australian press that these Australian operations were not adequately equipped, supplied, and supported.
They must have been overcome by something if they didn't go to bed." Mr Coleman, who lives on Blarney Street, said it was thanks to the community's great support that this incident didn't turn into a tragedy.
The word Blarney was introduced into the English language by Queen Elizabeth I and is described as pleasant talk, intended to deceive without offending.
She might go back to fences in the spring, but we're hoping she returns to form over hurdles." Eugene O'Sullivan, trainer of The Blarney Rose "It's a long time since she got this handicap mark and I think she might be a pound or two better than that.
In fact, the neglect of Blarney Castle is symptomatic of a wider pattern wherein the Irish tower houses and churches of the late medieval period, those ubiquitous monuments of their time, have attracted sustained attention from only a handful of scholars.
Sims and her husband, Dillon, are moving from Branson, Mo., to Eureka Springs to operate their existing tattoo shop, House of Ink, in Eureka and open up the Blarney Stone in mid-November.
There's no shortage of blarney in "Stella Days," heimer Thaddeus O'Sullivan's largely winning drama about '50s rural Ireland, but it's blarney with a twist.
Blarney Golf & Leisure Resort: this 4-star resort in County Cork offers exceptional facilities with great entertainment, plus the chance to kiss the famous Blarney stone!
College Cork, Ireland) describes Blarney Castle, the medieval home of the Gaelic Irish lords of Muskerry, and its architecture throughout its history in the context of an expansive native lordship in late medieval Munster and how changes in the layout and appearance of the tower house connect to the social status and cultural identity of the family.
Leaning back to kiss the Blarney stone, with a drop of more than 30m below, I could understand why the Queen and Obama chose to forgo the gift of the gab on their recent trips to Ireland.
Or visit Blarney Castle, just five miles from Cork and kiss the legendary Blarney Stone to gain the gift of the gab.
Donal Blaney, who writes a blog called Blaney's Blarney, had asked for the injunction against an anonymous Twitter user who is impersonating him.