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Synonyms for blankness

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Synonyms for blankness

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

a desolate sense of loss

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the state of being blank

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Deliberations that left me dithering until I'm sure the person who asked the question may have wondered if I'd read anything at all; because there's a blankness on the face when dithering that might suggest (incorrectly) borderline idiocy.
I stood a couple of feet from the TV, paralyzed in wonder, mind and being thrust into a blissed-out blankness. As the Vegas Golden Knights left the ice, as Alex Ovechkin lifted the Cup and slayed every remaining demon, I wondered how many times I'd dreamed of this exact scene over the years, and how long it would take for this to seem entirely real.
Terry Winters has said that, as a young man mesmerized by Minimalism, he was led by the desire to draw "away from that blankness and toward developing an imagery that could play a role in my work." This effort precipitated the atmospheric paintings inspired by scientific illustrations of organic specimens for which he first became known in the early 1980s.
the camera with a practiced blankness. Ten years after that hike,
As a deliberate counter-motif to the variegated faces he has inventoried, all his dispossessed are garbed in service white, that generic blankness that does not rile their employers, their rulers, their overlords; the white of maids, au-pairs, janitors, waiters, busboys, caregivers, low-ranked nurses and utility operators.
It demonstrates how the works offer an aesthetics of negation or refusal in which style (through theme, formal strategies, silence, absence, loss, blankness, incompleteness, fragmentation, an anti-literary emphasis on crudeness, stupidity, and the like, deconstruction of conventional genre forms, and highly aware texts that emphasize feminist postmodernism, avant-garde, or outsider views) supports antisocial forms of radical refusal to enact gender, sex, race, class, and nation-based experience through the ounmakingo of dominant structures of rationality.
After two semesters I was looking forward to join a hospital and here I am staring at blankness," said Sidra, the fourth of 12 siblings in a family of 14 originally from Peshawar.
"I was actually going, 'I can't do it' and he'd look at me with absolute blankness and I'd be like, 'I can't, I'm not a soldier' and then it was only when I stopped whingeing that I thought, OK maybe I'm starting to think like a soldier.
The still, austere mise-en-scene common to slow movies deals with death, blankness, emptiness, silence, motion (however brief or limited it may be) and place, in a distinct manner.
"There was just blankness. We picked our way down for two hours through this maze of poles that sometimes we couldn't see for minutes on end.
Yano said that Hello Kitty's charm is her unreadable features or the blankness of her design due to the fact that she does not have a mouth.
It floored Helen, this blankness. She'd expected her mam to slam the door in her face.
Reed's music had that room: a lot of repetition, empty spaces, terseness, intuition, blankness, bluntness, talking as singing.
He said he was appalled at the blankness of television.