blanket stitch

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a strong reinforcing stitch for edges of blanket and other thick material

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Work a single blanket stitch over the edge, moving clockwise or counterclockwise as you prefer.
Use a blanket stitch around the outside edges to sew them together, leaving a 1-inch opening along one side.
Simply cut two pieces of felt (large enough to cover an egg) and sew together using blanket stitch. Add a simple design such as a heart or star cut out from a further piece of felt and sew on using running stitch.
Either hand-sew all around the edges with blanket stitch, or machine-sew them on using the zigzag setting.
I usually use a blanket stitch. Just remember that when you are sewing through so many layers of fabric, that you will probably need to lengthen your stitch length, so make a small test piece first.
Priced pounds 9.99 ( All heart Part of her blanket stitch design this stunning fine china cake stand from Jan Constantine is an ample size for all your cakes and biscuits and very patriotic.
Finish the top edge with a blanket stitch if you like.
Although students did not require previous sewing experience, they were taught how to thread a needle, tie a knot, and sew two basic stitches--the running stitch and the blanket stitch. Costs associated with the project were minimal, and largely dependent on the type of fabric used.
Fold ribbon in half lengthwise across a short edge of the matched-up fabrics, and use a blanket stitch to attach, piercing through both sides of ribbon.
Some students were shown individually the chain and blanket stitch. Students had to use at least three different stitches on their appliques.
For instance I used the suede front of a favourite old jumper to make a cushion, just with an easy blanket stitch around the edge.
Remember that approximately 1 1/2 inches will be lost on each edge when the blanket stitch is completed.
For winter warming accessories look out for thick knitted bobble hats in a wide variety of colours, beautifully bright plaid scarves with blanket stitch edging and stretch fleece gloves.
Felt is used as a backing, and students use a blanket stitch to do the sewing.
STEP 8: To achieve a blanket stitch effect is simple.