blanket stitch

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a strong reinforcing stitch for edges of blanket and other thick material

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A blanket stitch is used to join hair-on leather seams.
Finish the top edge with a blanket stitch if you like.
Although students did not require previous sewing experience, they were taught how to thread a needle, tie a knot, and sew two basic stitches--the running stitch and the blanket stitch.
Fold ribbon in half lengthwise across a short edge of the matched-up fabrics, and use a blanket stitch to attach, piercing through both sides of ribbon.
Some students were shown individually the chain and blanket stitch.
For instance I used the suede front of a favourite old jumper to make a cushion, just with an easy blanket stitch around the edge.
Remember that approximately 1 1/2 inches will be lost on each edge when the blanket stitch is completed.
For winter warming accessories look out for thick knitted bobble hats in a wide variety of colours, beautifully bright plaid scarves with blanket stitch edging and stretch fleece gloves.
Felt is used as a backing, and students use a blanket stitch to do the sewing.
STEP 7: Finish off any raw edges using the same wool and a blanket stitch.
Cut out a heart shape motif from the pink silk and blanket stitch it to the bottom right hand corner of the bag with grey embroidery thread.
Built-in creativity: More stitches (156 + 7 buttonholes) with special stitch features for quilters including stitch positioning for decorative stitches, preprogrammed satin stitch and blanket stitch for perfect applique, 1/4" piecing stitch, hand look quilting stitch, and patch stitches.
Referring to Diagram II, position B and C on A and machine blanket stitch around edges to secure.
Sometimes I sew a blanket stitch around the openings, or I just leave the openings as they are.
You can see blanket stitch on the edges of the felties in the pictures.