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unrhymed verse (usually in iambic pentameter)

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A Ballad in Blank Verse of the Making of a Poet" belongs squarely to a period of pervasive irony in Davidson's work of the early 1890s as he emerged from a neo-Romantic conception of poetry influenced by the Spasmodics and had not yet become immersed in Nietzsche's philosophy, to which he turned after 1896.
Undoubtedly they are--for Hockney, rather as blank verse was the natural companion of poetic vision for Milton.
For an appreciation of modern poetry you've got to pretend not to be shocked at rude, rap or blank verse.
Written in blank verse, Marwood's poems are ostensibly for primary children, however, secondary school readers would also benefit from reading, discussing and analyzing the carefully crafted poetry.
ENJOY a ridiculously bawdy romp in blank verse as Russell Kane writes, directs and stars in Fakespeare with Sadie Hasler.
comedy awards at the Edinburgh fringe, Fakespeare sees modern tales told in Shakespearean blank verse.
Second Place went to Andrew Osborn's "Ultrasound," a dramatic monologue in blank verse, whose metrical assurance blended perfectly with the wit of its syntax, the range of its diction, and its discursive clarity.
A convincing example in blank verse, in which names of insects do duty for rhyme, is
Loose blank verse, free verse, rhymed traditional form and syllabics were all well represented in "Birds and Other Beasts.
Basing his work on the ample historical research available on the Lewis and Clark journey, Wolf has created 14 characters who speak to the reader individually, sometimes in prose, but more often in blank verse and occasionally in song.
This same ambivalence is present, although less aggressively so, in the sculptural works that resemble furniture, particularly in a set of three white pieces--two armchairs and an armoire--each titled Blank Verse and dated 2007.
In addition to her role as hostess at her "Teetisch," Elise Reimarus recorded astute observations on personal, moral, and social situations, translated prose and dramas, experimented in blank verse, published children's literature and a political dialogue explaining the concepts of freedom from Locke and Hobbes to residents of Hamburg at the time of the French Revolution.
Siltanen therefore takes "both a respectful and an aggressive approach to the blank verse," explaining that he tries to do justice to the author's battle "even when the effects of this battle succeed less well than in the original" (ii).
The instructor's polling of the class for comments on the success of the poem as blank verse was followed by the usual pause as people gathered their thoughts.