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unrhymed verse (usually in iambic pentameter)

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The history of early modern English dramatic blank verse is of increasing experimentation in the fitting of words, phrases, and sentences to the theoretical, normative, underlying pattern.
More on Davidson as poet and critic (of Symons's London Nights, and of the virtues of blank verse over rhyme) and of the poetry of the streets, as found in Henley and Rhys, appears in Peer Robinson's "The Poetry of Modern Life: On the Pavement" (The Oxford Handbook, 265-60).
Tennyson also wrote some notable blank verse including Idylls of the King, "Ulysses", and "Tithonus".
Within the three quarters of the present century, prose, blank verse, historical fiction and drama have been introduced in the Bengali literature.
For some reason, they always remind me of Sir John Betjeman's blank verse autobiography, Summoned by Bells.
An extensively enhanced version of "Hamlet," with 10 entirely new scenes written in blank verse, "Hamlet Z" amplifies the original's themes of indecision and mortality, employing the undead as metaphor; it is currently slated for production in 2013
Participants will present papers and deliver speeches about the language of Shahriar in his masterpiece Heydar Babaya Salam, his influence on Azeri literature, his use of blank verse and his role in unity among nations.
In the foreground of James Gillray's Anti-Jacobin cartoon "The New Morality," Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd, caricatured as "Toad & Frog" and surrounded by Liberty Caps and Sansculottes, croak out passages from their 1797 collection Blank Verse.
The tragedy Celinda is a complex play, written in blank verse using endecasillabi and settenari, with a prologue followed by the usual five acts.
Thus, this anthology "is composed of sonnets, blank verse, and lyric modes of many types.
Blank verse because it isn't meant to be read at one go.
Quite a number firmly believe that writing blank verse is the same as writing stuff that doesn't rhyme.
It is written in blank verse as a kind of monologue and I just think it doesn't go anywhere at all.
Written in blank verse, Marwood's poems are ostensibly for primary children, however, secondary school readers would also benefit from reading, discussing and analyzing the carefully crafted poetry.
Or Yeats, walking with his long stride through the Sligo fields, cursing the empty air because nothing rhymes today, even the blank verse is all crazy paving, resigning himself to an afternoon of prose instead.