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unrhymed verse (usually in iambic pentameter)

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The Jest (1919), in blank verse, is an adaption of an Italian play.
Robinson is known for his long narrative poems and objective psychological portraits of New England characters, usually written in blank verse, and for his creation of Tilbury Town, whose prototype was Gardiner, Maine, where he spent his boyhood.
The poem, written in blank verse, consists of a conversation between the farmer Warren and his wife Mary about their former farmhand Silas, an elderly man who has come "home" to their farm to die.
Earth Felicities" is written in blank verse, unusual in its time, and both poems reflect a protoromantic appreciation of nature, also unusual for the period.
s Tragedy (1595), a translation into blank verse by Thomas Kyd from the French of Garnier.
Kilda's Parliament (1981), noting Dunn's mastery of blank verse and his treatment of Scottish themes.
Verplanck wrote a piece called "Reminiscences of New York," with help from Bryant, who contributed "The Indian Spring" and a poem in blank verse, "The Dream of the Princess Papantzin.
Tamburlaine the Great, a blank verse tragedy, was Christopher Marlowe's first play.
The monumental work, written mostly in blank verse with some scenes, descriptive connecting sequences, and stage directions written in prose, depicts the career of Napoleon Bonaparte from 1805 until his defeat at Waterloo in 1815.
In the two poems Poe shows equal mastery of the rhymed stanza and blank verse.
In its recollections of the inspiring and healing qualities of nature, and in its use of blank verse, it is considered a forerunner of some of the poetry of Wordsworth.
On his return Willis took to writing plays in blank verse, one of which, <IR> TORTESA </IR> , <IR> OR </IR> , <IR> THE USURER </IR> (1839), was highly admired by Edgar Allan Poe.
His blank verse translations of Books II and IV of Vergil's Aeneid represent the first use of unrhymed iambic pentameter in English, and he is responsible for what is now known as the " Shakespearean " form of the sonnet.
Written in heroic couplets and blank verse, it nonetheless followed earlier tradition, with its romantic plot and its farcical subplot in prose.
Kreymborg told his own story in Troubadour (1925) in prose, and in Man and Shadow in blank verse.