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a young mind not yet affected by experience (according to John Locke)

an opportunity to start over without prejudice

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In the Utopian vision, liberal institutions are worthwhile because they expand our autonomy, allowing us to inscribe our own story upon a blank slate. Markets free us to fulfill ourselves through industry.
With a blank slate, some decisions could be made that would be extremely unpopular or almost impossible now.
Local authors from Blank Slate Press will discuss their works; featuring Stephen Holgate ("Tangier"), Rebecca Kelley ("Broken Homes & Gardens"), Deborah Lincoln ("Agnes Canon's War") and Taylor Zajonc ("Red Sun Rogue: A Wrecking Crew Novel").
When she established her label, Tabula Rasa, in 2013, she viewed it as a blank slate to make room for genre-transcending possibilities for knits: In her inaugural line, for instance, she featured home accessories alongside sometimes-matching ready-to-wear apparel.
Previously occupying just one floor of its building, Instagram's three-story HQ was a blank slate for the company to make its own.
Eight emerging comedians are given a blank slate and asked to create the 30-mlnute sketch show of their dreams.
The Favorite Purse by Blank Slate Patterns is a top pick due to its perfect size, right between a tote and cross-body and with gobs of pockets.
But this body is no blank slate: instead, the scientists upload the memories into an existing person, a teenager who joins a Family and receives the memories of one of its deceased members.
i pause to make sure I am starting off with a blank slate with zero chance of pre- assumptions, copy-paste incidents or, God forbid, not being able to leave my mark on the piece of work.
The sites in and around Nuneaton town centre do not represent a "scheme" as such at this stage but what they do give any prospective investor is a blank slate and a chance to shape a development from the very early stages.
Rather than working with a blank slate, the FAA will have to contend with laws that have already been passed in the states.
A| Like Moliere's bourgeois gentleman who was delighted to learn that he had been speaking prose all his life, I was delighted to learn that I was a humanist after I published The Blank Slate in 2002 and began to be approached by humanist organizations, particularly the American Humanist Association.
Yet, given that Lucia is something of a dramatic blank slate, she did not shape the arching phrases of the "Mad Scene," nor hone the colours of her voice in the ways that have allowed a long line of great sopranos to bring Lucia to heartrending life.
After nearly three months of consultations on the issue, Stewart said the government has a "blank slate" as it considers whether to change rules that currently don't allow institutional investors and limit foreign ownership of farmland to four hectares.