blank shell

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a cartridge containing an explosive charge but no bullet


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The warship fired two blank shells over the sealer's deck and MacLean, in reply, turned his six-pounder cannon on his pursuer and fired a single shot.
"Today, the police department uses sound cannons which fire blank shells dated from 1945," said Al Serkal.
At the very least, the other members should furnish related supplies such as the propellant for remote launchers, be it oxygen, propane, .22 blank shells or whatever.
Blank shells were later found in the hallway and in the front garden.
Her son had been given the two blank shells by a uniformed veteran who participated in the ceremony Monday.
Each gun weighs 5,775 pounds and fires 75mm blank shells with 1.5 pounds of gunpowder, said platoon sergeant SFC Danzell Harrell.
About 2,000 people in a special cordoned-off area watched as six QF 13-pounder guns shared the shooting of the 1lb blank shells.