blank endorsement

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an endorsement on commercial paper naming no payee and so payable to the bearer

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Despite the defendant's burden to allege and prove plaintiff's lack of standing, the super majority of Florida DCA decisions have established that the foreclosing plaintiff must prove its standing to file and prosecute a residential mortgage foreclosure action by either: 1) evidence of a blank endorsement or special endorsement on the note in favor of the plaintiff; 2) an assignment from the payee to the plaintiff; 3) an affidavit of ownership; 4) proof of purchase of the debt; 5) evidence of an effective transfer; or 6) any means identified in F.S.
2d DCA 2014) ("A plaintiff may also establish standing to foreclose by submitting evidence of a special endorsement on the note in favor of the plaintiff or a blank endorsement, an assignment from the payee to the plaintiff, or an affidavit of ownership."); U.S.
(Remember that in the paper world, the WHL stays invisible when the process runs normally via the "blank endorsement.")