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a check that has been signed but with the amount payable left blank

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In the matter of blank cheque and stop payment, by endorsing a blank cheque with signature and handing it over to the beneficiary, the drawer of the cheque has effectively granted the beneficiary unqualified authority to fill in the amount.
He confessed that he was brought from his country on purpose to open an account, sign blank cheques and then leave the country.
the students, he got released the same through the blank cheques,
Nikki Barker, the deputy manager, led an investigation which revealed Donovan had been asking two signatories to sign blank cheques, under the pretence it was so she could pay former employees.
It is the prosecution's case that Malik took a blank cheque out of a locked desk drawer while Mr Zia was off work for the day.
The official said, 'More than 90 percent of bank customers do not know that blank cheques cannot be used as evidence against them in a court case.
More than 90 per cent of bank customers do not know that blank cheques cannot be used as evidence against them in a court case.
The campaign is using social media channels to inform consumers of the dangers of issuing blank cheques to cover loans.
He said that while the couple were still married, he had given some blank cheques to his wife and also granted her power of attorney to sign them on his behalf while he was out of the country.
Any blank cheques coming from the government should be written out for people in the UK who have had their homes flooded during this dreadful winter, their possessions lost and in many case their livelihoods gone.
We are not writing out blank cheques,'' he said, with the government taking a hardline on taxpayer handouts to business since coming to office last year.
But, revealingly, there is no mention of giving blank cheques or underwriting construction risk of offshore wind power or solar power, or energy efficiency.
gup Ryan Reed had handed his usher six blank cheques to pay for the bash at Castle Menzies in Perthshire.
It's crazy the way Abramovich gets through managers but with the money and the power he's got he can just sign blank cheques.
I'm a great believer in the value of public services, but I'm not a believer in the signing of blank cheques payable, in the end, by our children, especially when those blank cheques were written by short-termist, self-interested politicians.