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a check that has been signed but with the amount payable left blank

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He had been home all afternoon when the conmen knocked on his door and coerced him into signing a blank cheque for repair work to a communal driveway which was estimated to cost PS160.
Councillor Jim Paterson said: "That would essentially be writing a blank cheque. What if a philanthropist comes along with a donation and we end up paying a quarter of a million?" Councillor John McNaughtan added: "I agree with a lot of the sentiment about the importance of the building to Paisley.
YN, Doha A: In the matter of blank cheques, by endorsing a blank cheque with signature and handing it over to the beneficiary, the drawer of the cheque has effectively granted the beneficiary unqualified authority to fill in the amount.
"Instead of writing a blank cheque to the banks with taxpayers' money, the Government should be working to solve the cost of living crisis and failure of our housing system."
during my ailment my brother came to me and made me sign on that blank cheque aside from other papers for the company which he had made me start up for him.
Blank Cheque will be playing at Concert in the Square next month
She wants the Alyn and Deeside Labour Party to join her in ruling out giving Carwyn Jones a blank cheque for the South Wales scheme.
"While Labour recognises the need for the government to begin preparations for an independent customs and tariff regime, that does not mean giving the government a blank cheque to concentrate power in its own hands," he said.
Some people who didn't vote for Mrs May might have been reluctant to give a blank cheque to someone who is so secretive about her plans, and who before the election, came close to accusing those who didn't back her of an act of treason.
Answer: The Dubai Cassation Court has entitled the blank cheque holder to include the required information for submitting the same to the bank, including the date and amount.
The Emirati's lawyer told the court that his client had handed over the blank cheque on the understanding that cheques up to a maximum of Dhs50,000 could be written.
By Amit Agnihotri in New Delhi DISPLAYING a combative mood, the Congress on Monday said it would not give a " blank cheque" on its support to the government on key economic reform bills related to insurance sector and Goods and Services Tax ( GST).
Global Banking News-June 26, 2014--UAE Central Bank comes out against blank cheque guarantees
Meanwhile, William Hague is waving a blank cheque around to give to the Ukrainian people.
The Government's commitment to HS2 - which is fiercely opposed by some Conservative MPs - has been questioned in recent days after Treasury top civil servant, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, said there was "no blank cheque" for the project.