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Blandly himself found the HISPANIOLA, and by the most admirable management got her for the merest trifle.
Postscript--I did not tell you that Blandly, who, by the way, is to send a consort after us if we don't turn up by the end of August, had found an admirable fellow for sailing master--a stiff man, which I regret, but in all other respects a treasure.
"Nothing particularly abusive," Sir Edward answered blandly. "By the bye, the police declare that they have a definite clue this time, and are going to arrest the murderer of Hamilton Fynes and poor dicky Vanderpole tonight or tomorrow."
"Sir," said Gentleman Jones, smoothing down his wristbands again, and addressing me blandly as I lay on the floor, "I have the honor to inform you that you have now received your first lesson in politeness.
One night he lapped his new milk as usual at Uncle Roger's dairy door and then sat blandly on the flat stone before it, giving the world assurance of a cat, sleek sides glistening, plumy tail gracefully folded around his paws, brilliant eyes watching the stir and flicker of bare willow boughs in the twilight air above him.
"Suppose you mind your own business," suggested O'Sullivan, blandly.
Connoisseurs of the genre may quickly warm to Vesperia's verve and its spirited characters, but despite the accessibility of the game's systems the uninventive turn-based combat, blandly detailed static environments bordered by invisible walls and dreary incidental dialogue gives little value or substance to a story constructed principally from cliche and RPG tradition.
It's nauseating to think that not only do they blandly ignore the risks that are clearly there now and in the future, but their objectionable plan is to continue building weapons of mass destruction.
I first learned about human rights and activism, not through Martin Luther King as he was blandly taught in school, but through the passion of Bono's voice singing of the civil rights icon in the song pride," she wrote.
The low and wide bonnet give it a distinctive purposeful and premium look, a bit different from blandly styled rivals.
However, dull resumes that either dim or blandly express a candidate's attainments will no doubt undermine a candidate's chances of getting shortlisted for a role.
He was in his mid-20s, blandly attractive, in the Palm Beach service uniform of khaki trousers and pastel polo shirt.
The other Gutierrez men didn't fare much better, registering blandly as they worked and/or partied.
Meanwhile, a government document, blandly titled ' The process for withdrawing from the European Union' and published at the end of last month, set out a nightmarish Brexit scenario which could lead to ' a decade or more of uncertainty', destroy trade and even stop Britons holidaying around Europe.
A blandly diverting exercise in quirk-by-numbers, John Krasinki's "The Hollars" peppily charts the further unraveling of an already dysfunctional clan when its guiding matriarch is faced with a life-threatening brain tumor.