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There is a class of men in Bristol monstrously prejudiced against Blandly.
Postscript--I did not tell you that Blandly, who, by the way, is to send a consort after us if we don't turn up by the end of August, had found an admirable fellow for sailing master--a stiff man, which I regret, but in all other respects a treasure.
One night he lapped his new milk as usual at Uncle Roger's dairy door and then sat blandly on the flat stone before it, giving the world assurance of a cat, sleek sides glistening, plumy tail gracefully folded around his paws, brilliant eyes watching the stir and flicker of bare willow boughs in the twilight air above him.
Suppose you mind your own business," suggested O'Sullivan, blandly.
He was in his mid-20s, blandly attractive, in the Palm Beach service uniform of khaki trousers and pastel polo shirt.
Earlier this month, at a Pentagon news conference, Obama declared blandly that "the regime and its allies are engaged in vicious attacks on defenceless civilians, medieval sieges against cities like Aleppo, and blocking food from reaching families that are starving".
Meanwhile, a government document, blandly titled ' The process for withdrawing from the European Union' and published at the end of last month, set out a nightmarish Brexit scenario which could lead to ' a decade or more of uncertainty', destroy trade and even stop Britons holidaying around Europe.
A blandly diverting exercise in quirk-by-numbers, John Krasinki's "The Hollars" peppily charts the further unraveling of an already dysfunctional clan when its guiding matriarch is faced with a life-threatening brain tumor.
She does concede this is because of higher net migration but blandly adds 'We are all the richer for them'.
He blandly stated that one method of improving the health services in Wales was to prevent patients with self-inflicted conditions attending A&E or other hospital departments.
But how am I to choose when the main political parties are so blandly alike and the upstart UKIP has policies that are, frankly, nutty?
It is insufficient and irresponsible for many news commentators and MPs to blandly excuse on the basis of duty and public order the use of lethal weapons by mounted police against what had been a predominantly peaceful demonstration by students and workers against the National Front.
Ten years later - surprise surprise- he's grown into blandly handsome Ryan Reynolds, left, who ambles back in town.
The characters and plot labor under the didactic themes, never developing in their own right but blandly delivering the author's banal message that school should be more important than sports.
Any woman will do the same if you blandly remark that her kitchen impinges on the olfactory nerves.