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You Again is so blandly predictable and terribly unfunny that I could not help wondering what Hollywood heavy hitters like Ms Weaver and Ms Curtis were doing starring in such drivel.
Their mission: To blandly go where three chimps went just two months ago in the first computer-animated feature film designed, created and produced exclusively for 3D projection.
After we managed a single shot on goal against Bristol Rovers the crowd reaction was inevitable, and not even the most committed fan could find a crumb of comfort in such a blandly inept display.
The only thing that spoiled his contribution was that at the end he said, quite blandly, I expect this team to win, I expect that team to win, and so on.
We buy their stuff that blandly ignores patents and is made with slave labour.
THINK you hit the nail on the head, look at Manhattan gate sign on Middlehaven, or the Cleveland Centre which is now blandly called the MALL
A Sound Effects Choir was a nice idea blandly executed; it could've easily been excised to help pace the show.
How difficult it is for us,' he began, blandly surveying his congregation, who coughed into their mufflers and chafed their chilblains under their woolen gloves, 'to realize that this is indeed Christmas.
Ultimately, APA's governing council passed a blandly worded resolution that, most critically, left the definition of the phrase "cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment" up to current government interpretations.
Casualty and Holby City might not have a smug swagger, but at least they're blandly believable.
There's a gay Republican son (Christian Campbell), who wears a lot of sweaters; he's the most blandly centered of the bunch.
Woodward's reputation is such that he covers whatever he wants whenever he wants to and pontificates blandly on Larry King Live even though his boss is one of journalism's loudest critics of talking-head punditry.
She was blandly partnered by Nikolai Tsiskaridze but stylishly accompanied by Maria Alexandrova as her Nubian slave.
Nobody could foresee that a harmless little piece of candy would hurt anyone," Albert replied blandly.
But he was blandly dressed in a white shirt and burgundy tie," creates the filmic feel.