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"I am one of the sensible ones, I suppose," I replied, "for nobody ever wanted me to listen to blandishments."
"Only be careful," he went on, "in studying both arts, never to forget the great truth that dinner precedes blandishments and not blandishments dinner.
Miss Wilmot observes it, too, and triumphantly ascribes it to her own superior charms and blandishments; but I am truly miserable - more so than I like to acknowledge to myself.
'No other,' said Mrs Lammle, laughing airily, and, full of affectionate blandishments, opening and closing Georgiana's arms like a pair of compasses, than my little Georgiana Podsnap.
A man who will never more be trapped--whom no blandishments will cajole, whom no threats will frighten; who from tonight on will move forward, and not backward, who will study and understand, who will gird on his sword and take his place in the army of his comrades and brothers.
Their condition of domiciliary comradeship put her, as the woman, to such disadvantage by its enforced intercourse, that he felt it unfair to her to exercise any pressure of blandishment which he might have honestly employed had she been better able to avoid him.
This daughter of Atlas has got hold of poor unhappy Ulysses, and keeps trying by every kind of blandishment to make him forget his home, so that he is tired of life, and thinks of nothing but how he may once more see the smoke of his own chimneys.
But the other two were still older the blandishment of his child-like innocence.
So, through the rest of the walk, he claimed Adam's conversation for himself, and Hetty laid her small plots and imagined her little scenes of cunning blandishment, as she walked along by the hedgerows on honest Adam's arm, quite as well as if she had been an elegantly clad coquette alone in her boudoir.
The expression with which the youth received this present was indescribable, He appeared to yield to the blandishment of her air, in opposition to a strong inward impulse to the contrary.
Contrary to the blandishments bandied about by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Article 24 of the GATT does not help here because it only applies to countries that are phasing in an AGREED deal, not to situations where we're ripping up an existing deal, so it can't possibly apply to No Deal.
The arithmetic for her getting the plan through Parliament on Tuesday continues to stack up ominously against her, yet she refuses all efforts and blandishments for her to either withdraw it, or rework it drastically.
"He also found that Gallacher could not be bought with the usual blandishments or offers."
'It has used coercion, brutal suppression of the rights of the people, economic blandishments and sham electoral processes to crush the will of Kashmiris and legitimize its occupation,' he remarked.
Having a wander through the World Cup park area, and refusing the blandishments of the legions of characters offering me cheap sunglasses, weed, hashish or cocaine that sadly blight that fine city (I have an appalling enough dietary regime without ingesting that stuff), I spotted a newspaper headline "Ronaldo para preto e branco" (Ronaldo to black and whites?'.