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Synonyms for blandishment

excessive, ingratiating praise

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Synonyms for blandishment

flattery intended to persuade

Related Words

the act of urging by means of teasing or flattery

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I endorse threefold every eulogy, blandishment and panegyric word that has been written or spoken in celebration of his birthday in the hope he has plenty more anniversaries to come.
Contrary to the blandishments bandied about by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Article 24 of the GATT does not help here because it only applies to countries that are phasing in an AGREED deal, not to situations where we're ripping up an existing deal, so it can't possibly apply to No Deal.
The arithmetic for her getting the plan through Parliament on Tuesday continues to stack up ominously against her, yet she refuses all efforts and blandishments for her to either withdraw it, or rework it drastically.
"He also found that Gallacher could not be bought with the usual blandishments or offers."
'It has used coercion, brutal suppression of the rights of the people, economic blandishments and sham electoral processes to crush the will of Kashmiris and legitimize its occupation,' he remarked.
Having a wander through the World Cup park area, and refusing the blandishments of the legions of characters offering me cheap sunglasses, weed, hashish or cocaine that sadly blight that fine city (I have an appalling enough dietary regime without ingesting that stuff), I spotted a newspaper headline "Ronaldo para preto e branco" (Ronaldo to black and whites?'.
It must have the economic strength to stand up to the blandishments of government officials.
Eventhough, in its constitution, India has claimed Kashmir to be its integral part, yet after 70 years of coercive tactics, political machinations and economic blandishments it has failed to win the hearts of Kashmiris and has been unsuccessful in quelling the freedom movement in IOK.
But India would never succeed in quashing the freedom movement through its coercion, economic blandishments and political manoeuvres.
She resisted the blandishments of Walt Disney, but this is a relentless, action-packed update with Peter and his gang raiding Mr McGregor's garden with fatal consequences.
The prescription, in effect, reminds voters that their votes have consequence and urges them to think twice about the choices they make, and not be easily swayed by the pre-election blandishments of the candidates.
Not for a CR-V owner the blandishments of catwalk style and fancy features.
Of course, there is no ignoring the most essential solution: for the government to fulfill its mandate to deliver basic services to all Filipinos, young and old, to show that it can offer something more than the blandishments of terror groups.
If Trump would open his mind to facts like these, instead of succumbing to the blandishments of cheering crowds and political sycophants, he would learn that three-quarters of all American adults favour Obama's decision to re-establish ties with Cuba.
They would not be deterred by Indian state terrorism in IOK or any blandishments. They would continue to work to mobilize international support for their cause.