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Synonyms for blandishment

excessive, ingratiating praise

Synonyms for blandishment

flattery intended to persuade

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the act of urging by means of teasing or flattery

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If Trump would open his mind to facts like these, instead of succumbing to the blandishments of cheering crowds and political sycophants, he would learn that three-quarters of all American adults favour Obama's decision to re-establish ties with Cuba.
In the past 70 years, he said India has used naked coercion, economic blandishments and sham electoral processes to crush the will of the Kashmiris and legitimize its occupation.
They would not be deterred by Indian state terrorism in IOK or any blandishments.
Don't believe the blandishments of IDS, Farage, Gove and Johnson who pretend to be your friend today.
The question is, will the local electorate swallow these Tory blandishments or will it vote for the only major party that has opposed these cuts?
But in dealing with the families of murder victims, the prison authorities have to up their game and give information, assurance and confidence, not blandishments that immediately set off fear and alarm.
Vulnerable, likely to submit to the blandishments or threats, keeps the true perpetrators at arm's length from the crime.
Once a person believes - really believes - that certain ideas can lead to eternal happiness, or to its antithesis, he cannot tolerate the possibility that the people he loves might be led astray by the blandishments of unbelievers.
When he and Madge meet in Chicago, he can't give into her blandishments because he is a married man, even though he doesn't know if Annie is alive.
And that is my plea to those tempted by UKIP's blandishments.
In a shameless display of populist scrabbling for votes in the Paralimni area, it is appalling that the government should have succumbed to the threats and blandishments of the trappers.
Certainly, more divides contemporary Americans than their take on the blandishments offered by positive thinkers to people struggling to cope with modernity.
The blandishments of British Airways and Virgin, fine companies though they are, are flawed and should not be allowed to dictate Britain's aviation policy.
My profile of Mickey Gitzin and his organization, Yisrael Hofshit (Be Free Israel), today in Tablet Magazine is about a lot of thingsin fact, for me it is most of all about the too often unappreciated blandishments of pluralist American Jewish identity.
The same reasons have delayed Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, a project which was to have extended to India, but did not, because India fell prey to American blandishments, including a civilian nuclear deal denied to Pakistan.