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Synonyms for bland

Synonyms for bland

effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner

lacking an appetizing flavor

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

without definite or distinctive characteristics

Synonyms for bland

lacking taste or flavor or tang

lacking stimulating characteristics


smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication

References in classic literature ?
Poor Jim had his laugh out: and staggered across the room with his aunt's candle, when the old lady moved to retire, and offered to salute her with the blandest tipsy smile: and he took his own leave and went upstairs to his bedroom perfectly satisfied with himself, and with a pleased notion that his aunt's money would be left to him in preference to his father and all the rest of the family.
"Hardly that, Doctor, hardly that," said Holmes, in his blandest voice.
In the same way a slice of lemon brings new flavour to ice cold water, a single piece of furniture in a striking colour will transform even the blandest of rooms with very little effort.
Performers Maroon 5 topped Coldplay as the blandest halftime act of all time.
No longer do I choose the blandest option on offer.
looK Scatter some Style We love a scatter cushion, they can transform the blandest of rooms, adding colour and style and not necessarily for your sofas, beds and chairs, why not use them as decor to shelving or fill a basket like above - be creative.
I'd caught a few of these shows during my tenure in the basement, and the guy always went for the blandest blonde.
Science-fiction and action-adventure continues to give Sam Worthington more than his fair share of opportunities to prove he is not, in fact, the blandest actor alive.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 24 (ANI): With 29 states providing food ranging from the spiciest dishes to the blandest preparations, the variety of food that India has to offer is simply mind boggling.
It always baffles me why people eat turkey on Christmas Day -- it's the driest, blandest meat that there is.
It always baffles me why people eat turkey on Christmas Day - it's the driest, blandest meat that there is.
Peter Andre - and Jason Donovan before him - peddled the fare with such panache, they made even the blandest spring roll or prawn ring look among the tastiest things of all time.
Both companies' chief executives, Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Jeff Weiner, have described the $26.2 billion (Dh96.23 billion) all-cash deal - one of the largest in tech history - in the blandest corporate-speak, with memos that sounded as if they were part of LinkedIn's mega-boring attempt to create a commentary platform for business celebrities.
TV's blandest competition was in danger of becoming interesting.