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Synonyms for bland

Synonyms for bland

effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner

lacking an appetizing flavor

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

without definite or distinctive characteristics

Synonyms for bland

lacking taste or flavor or tang

lacking stimulating characteristics


smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication

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Summary: Truffles, a luxury delicacy in French and Italian cuisine, may soon be adding flavor to blander dishes, as fungus migrates further north amid climate change, a Swiss scientist said Friday.
Key industry players took over each market, and the outcomes were blander media content, stifled individual expression, and fewer choices for consumers.
In reality it was blander than cheap stuffing and contained even more filler.
This prompted Spain to get a second shot, although their song sounded even blander the second time.
One will constitute of authentic Chinese food and which will be blander as compared to Indian- Chinese.
INTERESTING how everyone taking part in the studio debate marking 30 years of the BBC's Newsnight agreed that politics had become blander and conviction politicians of yesteryear were a dying breed.
The EU statement was far blander than the comments from Sarkozy and Brown, and didn't suggest there was any thrill for sanctions among most EU members.
Watchlist began under the much blander name Factiva Public Figures and Associates.
Nearly all consumers commented that the appearance of the water process sample was greyer, blander and had gluey, gummy or pasty texture.
He says that its programming ranges, on the whole, from bland to blander, with few high points (p.
For many years technology was always used to make beer blander and more profitable.
After mixing all ingredients with an immersion blander, the end result--which resembles sea foam--is carefully spooned on top of the glass.
I've watched as Oakway Center - once blander than boullion soup - has sprung to life over the years: Harry Potter fans partying at Borders, a Thursday night motorcycle club getting caffeinated at Starbucks, young and old listening to live jazz in the Heritage Courtyard on a summer's night.
The more significance the film tries to heap on Irving, the blander he becomes, and the stakes are inflated so artificially high (at the end of the film Irving is battling Nixon) that the character seems almost forced into telling lies, which robs the story of its real-life ingenuity.
2) This means that there is a very wide spectrum of possible panpsychist positions and, obviously, the blander that one's definition of mind is (for example, a simple functionalist one), the easier (and the less interesting) it will be to be a panpsychist.