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Synonyms for bland

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Synonyms for bland

effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner

lacking an appetizing flavor

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

without definite or distinctive characteristics

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Synonyms for bland

lacking taste or flavor or tang

lacking stimulating characteristics


smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication

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Former England flanker Neil Back penned Size Doesn't Matter, an engaging, amusing autobiography, in 2001, but with Dean Eldredge, he's produced a grittier, considerably more abrasive version in The Death Of Rugby, the perfect antidote to some of the blander rugby titles scheduled to be published this month.
It's well-observed, although Lily Shepherd's Chloe is blander than she should be, and a sub-plot concerning Dee's personal life, while resolved at the end, feels awkward in the general arc of the story.
Dundas Links from Lothian, which has have brought a new, fresh take on cuinks to the modern market by using antique coins and shotgun shells instead of blander decorations.
In the pages of "Devil, Dear", she explores the evolution of romantic relationships from lust-driven days to the blander ones found in lasting companionship.
Older and far blander than we might expect, the lad has strange, almost epileptic visions of things to come.
Perhaps Phil was just too much of a personality for the station's new blander sound.
Pankaj Ghemawat refers to outsized estimates as globaloney: "It obscures the potential gains from additional globalization, swells fears about its adverse consequences, and causes companies to adopt strategies of 'bigger and blander.'" Repeated failure of global initiatives stretch the limited capacity for true global problem solving, Ghemawat argues, pointing out that many goals can best be approached at the regional, national, or even local level.
The Xbox One is bigger and, frankly, blander. It does, however, have a flat top, which means its easier to find somewhere to put it.
Much of the blander, mass-produced coffee in this country comes from Asia and other regions.
You know, the type of boy you looks to jump first over a boundary wall when trespassing on private property, who finds it impossible to listen to his parents--although the quality also makes it easier to love him, rather than the older, blander version of him.
It'll be the audience dropping off - rom-coms don't come any blander. (Cert U, 2003) *
by Utkan Demirci, Ali Khademhosseini, Robert Langer and Jeffrey Blander.
Slivers of action wedged inbetween swathes of analysis that is far blander than it should be is not a compelling recipe even if you haven't seen the featured matches live and there will no longer be a smug disc jockey conducting proceedings.
Tomatoes also taste blander when they are picked too early or stored in the fridge.