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sweet almond-flavored milk pudding thickened with gelatin or cornstarch

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THE Monty Python team reckoned a blancmange could beat a Scot at tennis.
FROM creating the perfect blancmange to cooking with cider, Britain's top chefs tell SARAH O'MEARA what makes the perfect Christmas lunch.
I have never been a lover of penalty shoot-outs in football and once you bring it into rugby you might as well have the teams wearing fat suits with the opposition throwing blancmanges as they take the kicks - all with Stuart Hall commentating.
It's even worse than Weakest Link, that opportunity for dominatrix Anne Robinson to rubbish another bunch of quivering blancmanges.
For dessert, I'd have a couple of blancmanges, perhaps a chocolate one and a caramel one.
Despite the fact this Channel 4 programme character assassinated a swathe of British culture, some folk were happy to just laugh at the giant pink blancmanges some travellers turn their children into in the name of Jesus.