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sweet almond-flavored milk pudding thickened with gelatin or cornstarch

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Nathan, my head chef, would say blancmange is more of a milk pudding set with cornflour, but would that have the perfect wobble?
But what I wanted to knowwas what influenced Jordan's blancmange to tell him it was a good thing risking losing his teeth?
A SCOUT group in Coventry is celebrating its 70th year serving the youth of Hillfields with an old- fashioned jelly and blancmange party.
Play CONTENTS 4 Theatre cook Katie Heath-Jones shares her recipes for making show-stopping food at home 5 Emma Jenkins enters the great blancmange debate.
The towering structure takes on the appearance of a large blancmange. However, its vibrant Art-Deco exterior makes for an appropriate backdrop through the windows of the funky front bar at the King's Head.
Dr Tony Call and, chairman of the British Medical Association's Welsh Council, says: "If you imagine the brain is like a firm blancmange...
He then screamed: 'It was like trying to find a cherry in a blancmange.'
'The consistency of the brain is like blancmange. It is not a robust organ,' said Dr Williams.
Next came dieting and pumping iron to turn his blancmange 5ft 6in frame into 9st 6lb of lean muscle.
So what's the English for rendezvous, or blancmange, or bungalow, or pyjamas - or corgi?
Palahniuk's novels are so wilfully quirky, so egocentric, so out there, that transferring them to the screen must be like using chopsticks to transport a blancmange across a room.
W hile '20s Art Deco detailing features on formal jersey - don't forget good underwear if you don't want to look like full fat blancmange under this material - native and ethnic prints are visible on chiffon shift dresses and A-line skirts.
It is badly designed, in the wrong place and as exciting as a blancmange so it's little surprise that the Eden Project attracts more people.
SPEAKING as a bloke with the physique of a collapsed blancmange, I am heartily glad not to be a woman.
" What's the English for blancmange then?" Mercher I SAW that, and while I understood every word from Rhys, I struggled with Ross.