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  • verb

Synonyms for blanch

turn pale



Synonyms for blanch

to lose normal coloration; turn pale

Synonyms for blanch

turn pale, as if in fear

cook (vegetables) briefly

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Other varieties, such as Utah, Monterey or Conquistador, can still be grown without blanching, though the stalks will be slightly darker with more flavor.
Thus, this work was aimed at studying the influence of blanching, processing conditions and anti-browning agent concentration on some physico-chemical properties and appearance during canning of green pepper (Capsicum sinensis).
You can also include selected veggies and herbs in the mix when freezing tomatoes, and let the simmering tomatoes serve as the blanching liquid.
Peroxidase, a relatively thermally stable enzyme in broccoli, is currently used for measuring whether the blanching process is complete.
Indeed, I once experimented when I had stacks of beans and froze half immediately, half after blanching.
Before blanching and refreshing, a few guidelines should be followed: ?
Advantages include low risk of product contamination, elimination of product damage, high yield, uniform blanching, low water consumption and easy cleaning access thanks to the top lift feature.
Heat and Control's Injection Blancher forces hot water up through the bottom of the potato slice pack for uniform blanching and improved fryer performance.
IQF Basil Leaf Blanched: Blanching locks in the vibrant green color of the leaf.
A blanching basket and saucepan is about all that's needed, because according to most experts almost every vegetable should be blanched before it is frozen.
After blanching,plunge them into ice-cold water,drain and freeze.
Blanch the shiso leaves, remove from the heat, strain, and shock in an ice bath, reserving one cup of the blanching liquid.
New blanching system helps Flavorland Foods cut costs, increase productivity.