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Synonyms for blanch

turn pale



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Synonyms for blanch

to lose normal coloration; turn pale

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Synonyms for blanch

turn pale, as if in fear

cook (vegetables) briefly

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In the past decade or so infrared (IR) heating has been explored for food processing operations, including pasteurization, roasting, frying baking, drying, peeling, and blanching. IR heating is a form of radiative heating where the wavelength is determined by the temperature of the emitting body.
Thus, blanching in 2% NaCl followed by use of the natural convection solar dryer reduced the drying time for pepper by 15 hours.
Blanching reduces the cyanide levels by about 54 % [12].
Blanching is a technique that helps ensure mild-tasting celery and light-colored stalks.
After blanching your green beans, you can put them directly into freezer containers, or pat them dry and pre-freeze them on a cookie sheet first.
Blanching and refreshing allows you to pre-cook the vegetables well ahead of time.
Advantages include low risk of product contamination, elimination of product damage, high yield, uniform blanching, low water consumption and easy cleaning access thanks to the top lift feature.
Heat and Control's Injection Blancher forces hot water up through the bottom of the potato slice pack for uniform blanching and improved fryer performance.
Freshly shelled peas have a fantastic flavour and aroma and don't even need cooking' simply blanching them for a minute is quite sufficient when served in a salad and means that you are tasting them at their absolute best.
IQF Basil Leaf Blanched: Blanching locks in the vibrant green color of the leaf.
A blanching basket and saucepan is about all that's needed, because according to most experts almost every vegetable should be blanched before it is frozen.
After blanching,plunge them into ice-cold water,drain and freeze.
Blanch the shiso leaves, remove from the heat, strain, and shock in an ice bath, reserving one cup of the blanching liquid.
New blanching system helps Flavorland Foods cut costs, increase productivity.
This blanching kills enzymes in both kernels and cob that otherwise gradually destroy corn's flavor molecules.