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Synonyms for blanched

anemic looking from illness or emotion

(especially of plants) developed without chlorophyll by being deprived of light

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The cans were filled independently with blanched and unblanched pepper to the weight of 54 [+ or -] 2g; ten cans were processed per sample.
I also allot freezer space for odd-shaped packages, such as those for cabbage leaves that have been blanched and frozen flat for making cabbage rolls in winter.
Market-ready heads were blanched in a temperature range of 66 C to 96 C.
Set up to sort blanched peanuts the machine has the ability to sort redskin & dry roasted peanuts at the flick of a switch.
This prevents the blanching water from becoming saturated with the sugars, which can therefore be continuously blanched out of the potatoes.
Blanched green beans, blanched cauliflower and thin slices of fresh green bell peppers also can be added.
Not heated or blanched, this offers the wonderful flavor of basil and eliminates fresh basil preparation labor.
Panfry the onions with the blanched cabbage and add the sage, then allow the mixture to cool.
Have the veg prepared and blanched, the gravy made, the meat seared and the mash ready, then all you have to do is warm it up.
The result is an evenly blanched product with no under- or over-blanching of the outside portions of the product.
Choose slender carrot sticks, each about 2 inches long; tiny inner leaves of Belgian endive; raw or blanched Chinese pea pods; or blanched green beans (cut diagonally into 2-in.
The blanched beans were ground and pressure-cooked in a SoyCow[R] (Malnutrition Matters, Ottawa, Canada) at 98[degrees]C for 3 minutes to form a slurry, which was filtered successively through 475 urn and 180 urn sieves.
To minimize the potential for deterioration, fruits and vegetables are heat-treated or blanched to inactivate these enzymes.
I ounce shelled chestnuts, blanched, lightly toasted, coarsely chopped