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Synonyms for blameworthy

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Synonyms for blameworthy

deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious

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The keeper was culpable for both of City's goals in their 2-0 derby win at Old Trafford on Wednesday night and the Spaniard has been blameworthy for a number of goals in recent weeks.
Aristotle's arguments in NE 3.5 target Plato's position that vice is not blameworthy but to be pitied because involuntary, that is, contrary to our wish for our good--not the Socratic paradox that wrongdoing is involuntary.
"To support an award of punitive damages, a jury must find the employer itself to be morally blameworthy, and that requires a finding that a member of the employer's senior management was morally blameworthy," Gants wrote.
They provide guidance on factors the court should take into account, such as harm caused to the victim and how blameworthy the offender is.
"We conclude that KKI's conduct is equally blameworthy with respect to children like Ashley, who KKI knew resided in a property subject to the R&M Study with a participant in the study," Watts added.
The case has been registered in the concerned police station but astonishingly no one has been nominated in the FIR despite the facts that blameworthy are well known to the administration of the company.
His colleague was a wandering Kalendar of the Malamati--Malamatis were a Muslim mystic group active in 9th centurywho believed in the value of self-blame--also known as the "Blameworthy".
Shaun Shute, Gloucester #Vince Cable, blameworthy or not, was in charge of the sale of Royal Mail shares when they went on the market in 2013 and should take some responsibility for that botched sale which cost the taxpayer PS1billion.
The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman reiterated that Tehran has always maintained positive ties with Kuwait in the Persian Gulf, and said, "However, the recent move by the country was not appropriate and the action was blameworthy, but we will continue our talks and contacts."
The Justice commented: "The broadcasting of this tape at the supper after the funeral caused scandal, shock and humiliation for Madam and her kids, in front of members of the Armenian community who were in attendance...The court is of the view that broadcasting this illegal recording of a private conversation between spouses is not only blameworthy, but constitutes an act of meanness that must be punished." He found that the widow and her two children suffered significant psychological trauma, stress and anxiety as a result of the sister-in-law's actions.
As for him being a doer of blameworthy deeds, and abandoning good deeds for which one would be blameworthy, he is still considered repentant as previously clarified; where we mentioned the two views, the view of those who negated the blame and punishment and the view of those who affirmed both the blame and the punishment.
It simply cannot be maintained that negligence is morally blameworthy. It therefore cannot be maintained that negligence liability achieves corrective justice by transferring a wrongful loss from one who is innocent to one who is to blame.
The fact that a company whose name is linked to the Panama Papers, maintained accounts with some banks in Cyprus, is not "blameworthy" in itself, an unnamed source told the Cyprus News Agency.
There are myriad reasons why Newcastle are struggling, but the players are just as responsible and blameworthy as anyone else.
"We will never know for certain what would have happened had the goal have stood but at the end of the game Rhodes' missed header was equally as blameworthy as a cause for us not ending the increasingly worrying run of games without victory.