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a state of innocence

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The poet introduces a medley of early childhood attributes and images in order to bring to life adolescenza in his poem, especially through those childlike traits that foreground the need for an adult's support such as portability, fearfulness, nescience, emotionality, reliance, and incomprehension; nonetheless, childhood innocence, as a state of complete impeccability and blamelessness, is the only trait excluded from being applied to the pilgrim and understandably so: the pilgrim could have never been portrayed in a condition without the possibility of sinning.
Cornelius Platter, adjutant in the Eighty-first Ohio, gives perhaps the most famous denial of Union responsibility for the burning of Columbia in a diary entry that reveals a striking progression of touristic language, the sublime, and then finally passive-voiced blamelessness for the night of February 17, 1865:
165) Cases revising the theory of immutability have not abandoned the core idea of immutability as blamelessness, or the moralizing judgments inextricable from the concept.
author) ("By focusing on the blamelessness of children, these
Noy Aquino who blatantly insists on his innocence and blamelessness for the Mamasapano massacre?
He finished his description of this nautical work of art by communicating his less-than-objective opinion about the blamelessness of the Irish in the ship's demise.
The narratives the men construct to authorize their violence are familiar in their contours, locating problems in the world outside Ruby and thus preserving their own blamelessness.
Suffice to say that peace without justice is a silly state of things that only serves to perpetuate the status quo by sugarcoating the colonization and occupation with a false rose-tainted aura of blamelessness and guiltlessness that does not rectify or deconstruct the damages inflicted by a fascist ethnocentric state that absolutely has no right to exist.
Topics addressed include unionism and identity, denial and blamelessness, silence and the liberal democratic state, the complex political victim, victimhood and the myth of equivalence, mistrust and the republican agenda, confidence and loyalty as silence, and transitional justice and keeping faith with the dead.
Becoming sufficiently attentive to moral reasons in Tax Evasion (2) is robust with respect to Joe's final decision just in case either a) Joe's becoming so attentive would have rationally explained (for causally it certainly would) his blamelessness for that decision, or b) Joe's not becoming so attentive (as is the case in the example) rationally explains his blameworthiness for that decision.
This exceptional nature of the Atlantis case is justified by reference to arguments that have already been made above: First, the relative blamelessness of Atlantis in finding itself in this situation; second, the severe and undesirable consequences of loss of statehood; and third, even though no jus cogens norm is violated by the loss of territory and consequent loss of statehood, the interests protected by those norms are definitely implicated.
On the occasion Ilyas Siddiqui said that why his client should present proof for his blamelessness, if Musharraf did any crime then it is the duty of prosecution to prove it.
The common thread in all these distinctions internal to innocence is blamelessness, but blame is a capacious concept in our moral culture, and it pulls different kinds of phenomena under the innocence heading.
At a meeting of heads of raikom party organs departments, he boasted that these two, Brysov and Chemodanov, were each worth at least five ordinary raikom first secretaries "For some reason Pcheliakov does not criticize all the raikom secretaries; he has his favorites, Brysov and Chemodanov, on whom he always heaps praise and around whom he creates a halo of blamelessness," contended the secretary of the Novoviatskii raikom Kiselev.
Hence, the yearning for redemption is not likely to go away, since the need for a certification of one's blamelessness is so strong.