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Synonyms for blameful

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Synonyms for blameful

deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious

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In his latest visit to South Kordofan, Al-Bashir was vehemently blameful of the SPLM -- both in the South and the North- for anything and everything that went wrong in the country!!
Bentham's proposals reflect the image of the poor as blameful beings without rights and dignity, whose work force should be used to achieve at least some positive social results.
The number of inhabitants has increased manifold, as has the number of small nests closely crowded together, the number of people living in cemeteries, the chaos of electric wires, the blameful eyes peeking out of small windows, the clothes hanging on short wires, and the cars that have been consumed by time.
It was stigma arising from its initial manifestation among gay men that led President Ronald Reagan to maintain what Randy Shilts called a 'ritualistic' (10) (and blameful) silence about AIDS, for six long years, from 1981 to 1987, implicitly conniving in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men in the prime of their lives.
This was done in response to Hanson's (2003) suggestion that interventions involving victims, if done inappropriately and recklessly, could elicit blameful responses by the offender toward the victim, impede empathy development, and potentially cause revictimization to occur.
Chapman accordingly praises those moments when Homer's characters temporarily soften or abandon scoffing or blameful speech.
Having you confirm the wrongness of my parents, I have not felt as blameful. Thank you for letting me cry!
In any case, the narrator is interested in making the "almost bourgeois" readers involved, responsible and even blameful as they read on, in spite of their habit to regard reading as detached from these concepts.
The Racinian Theseus believes in the words of Oenone; he is much more stubborn and blameful than the first Theseus (he does not believe other people, Aricia or Hippolytus).
(178) Converted leprosariums gained symbolic value during the Renaissance and early Enlightenment as places for the correction of the morally blameful as they developed into actual houses of correction, the precursors of prisons.
The narratives analysed seem to trace a general shift from matrophobia, which requests the silencing of the mother's voice, to a more balanced and less blameful, albeit conflictual, representation.
Certain things in women's lives have to be absolute and under no culture should you respect the mutilation of young girls." When a woman points a blameful finger--and that has been women's job since time immemorial--her words gain force insofar as they draw upon eternal verities.