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deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious

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It is worth training them to feel, not only actual wrong or actual meanness, but the absence of noble aims and endeavours, as not merely blameable but also degrading: to have a feeling of the miserable smallness of mere self in the face of this great universe, of the collective mass of our fellow creatures, in the face of past history and of the indefinite future the poorness and insignificance of human life if it is to be all spent in making things comfortable for ourselves and our kin, and raising ourselves and them a step or two on the social ladder.
Adhering to it is ethically neutral, as it were: an ordinary degree of beneficence, for example 'seems neither blameable nor praiseworthy' (II.
of totally annihilating monarchical power, was a very blameable extreme; especially as it was attended "with the danger, to say the least, of a civil war, which, besides the numberless ills inseparable from it, exposed liberty to much greater perils than it could have incurred under the now limited authority of the king.
Even the new Minister of Mines Peter McBride claimed in 1910 that miners 'were, to some extent, blameable for the prevalence of this disease through the neglect of precautions'.
Although it is true that Colman omitted "many blameable intrusions upon delicacy of idea and expression in the original" because it was "unsuitable to the professed chastity of the age" ("George Colman's Revival of Volpone" 1990 [1771]: 516) (7), the same does not apply to Tieck's free version of Volpone that, far from showing subservience to the constraints of his age--or that of Jonson--subtly, but firmly, defies them.
On the other hand, a person feels that such information turning into a rumour is a blameable action.
Winnifride's overriding concern with self-preservation, however, is hardly blameable.
Failure to make the borrowed materials one's own in this fashion was primarily an aesthetic crime, not a morally blameable transgression.
To play down the blameable character of their illicit activities, the narrator points out how trade, even illegal, is more likely to generate friendship between Europeans and colonized peoples than is colonial ideology which thrives on the segregating lines of race or color.
235) Trade duties, of the sort appearing in the confederation with increasing frequency in the 1780s, were thus "oppressive to commerce, [and] are blameable, unless founded on very important reasons arising from the public good.
9) 'Confess' (almost 200 lexical items) tends to be a kind of blameable admission (modern French 'avouer') and is only rarely used in the strict sense of a religious rite.
When their revolutionary force has become adequately blameable for destroying our vision of a nice, obedient, democratic Iraq visible only with U.
The literature in ethics is filled with theories of what makes an action wrong, what makes an actor responsible and blameable for his wrongful actions and what we are justified in doing to wrongdoers.
In cases of homonymy as of hope (n) and hope (v) the derivatives that are in our corpus are verified deverbal coinages: blame 1200, blaming 1382 (1), blamer 1387 (3), blameful 1386 (5), blameable 1387 (7), blamefully 1400 (9), blamefulness 1400 (10).