blame game

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accusations exchanged among people who refuse to accept sole responsibility for some undesirable event

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Pakistan has urged Afghanistan to stop the blame game and asked for its co-operation in combating terrorism.
The PPP chief stressed that the Haqqani network must be dismantled and disarmed, but this could only be done by concerted and coordinated action by both Pakistan and Afghanistan based on a credible and verifiable mechanism, and not by resorting to blame game, he pointed out.
The Foreign Secretary also explained that instead of blame game both sides should engage in concrete cooperation.
The post In search of the truth, not blame game appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Written in peppy verse and powered by active pictures of children of different racial backgrounds in everyday situations, "But It's Not My Fault" deals with the blame game especially as played by kids.
LABOUR is very good at playing the blame game, especially when playing the victim.
I am not playing the blame game as you suggest, I am saying if any blame is to be placed it is on Hamas who are terrorists and will not give up trying to kill as many Israelis and their own people to achieve their aims.
Austerity blame game THE Government's attack on benefits is very cruel and it is becoming more evident that not just the poorest, but people in general, are reeling, under what amounts to a massive onslaught on everything that was put in place 60 years ago to build a decent society after the Second World War.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The government descended into a bitter blame game with senior ministers and officials criticizing each other in public as they attempt to avoid carrying the can for the crisis, as the UK's floods worsening by the day.
It's time to end the buck-passing and blame game, where college leaders blame high schools for sending ill-prepared students, high school principals blame the elementary schools, elementary school principals blame the preschool programs, and preschool teachers blame the parents.
Anyone who still doubted that he's a controlling bully must now see him for what he is - the blame game being the next biggest giveaway to assaulting your wife in public.
Yes, the cuts are a bit over the top in my view, but your party has to take some of the blame, as you seem to be on the blame game.
Summary: New Delhi: After the blame game, an open war has broken out between Chief Minister .
Lord Moynihan said: "It's time to stop the blame game and also to recognise that this is such a major and complex issue.
While on the blame game theme, Liverpool's own Paul O'Connor of the PCS Union failed to convince Newsnight's Gavin Essler why the proposed Immigration Office strike should coincide with the Olympic Games.