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Synonyms for blamable

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Synonyms for blamable

deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious

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L'exclusion du vice se justifie par la beaute impliquee dans ces plaisirs: a l'image du chant des Sirenes, dont la beaute est telle qu'elle ensorcelle ceux qui l'entendent, la belle statue et la belle chanson exercent un attrait irresistible, de sorte qu'y succomber n'est pas blamable --a l'inverse, les plaisirs tactiles, ne recelant aucune beaute, sont matiere a exces et donc au vice.
La causerie a ete animee par le Professeur Mohamed Yssef, secretaire general du Conseil Superieur des Oulemas qui a traite du theme "La societe civile au service des principes religieux", partant du verset du Saint Coran : ''Que soit issue de vous une communaute qui appelle au bien, ordonne le convenable et interdit le blamable, car ce sont ceux qui reussiront''.
entre celui qui, pur de tout antecedent facheux commet une premiere faute, dans un moment d'egarement, de desespoir ou de passion; entre l'homme dont la faute, si blamable quelle soit, n'est pas deshonorante, et celui dont le delit suppose la perversion complete du sens moral.
Apparently, women-politicians are not considered newsworthy unless their actions are blamable for not complying with social, political or moral rules.
Le seul caractere juridique qu'on devrait exiger du prejudice pour etre une condition de la responsabilite civile devrait etre la possibilite de prouver le fait negatif, le tort, au sens d'action blamable, la perte alleguee comme un prejudice, d'etablir sa << probabilite >> au sens de ce terme dans le droit de la preuve, en matiere civile [italiques dans l'original, notes omises] (160).
(181) '[F]or an agent to be blamable for producing an outcome it must have been possible for him to avoid the outcome through choice that responded to the possibility that he might produce such an outcome': Evans, above n 137, 121.
Prevenir les automobilistes par des appels de phare, pour qu'ils reduisent leur vitesse et echapper, ainsi, au radar, par voie de consequence au retrait de permis de conduire, est-il un acte blamable ou au contraire un reflexe positif?
Toute division dans l'exercice de ce culte lui parait donc blamable, car la paix civile decoule de la paix religieuse.
This fact was quite predictable, and actually predicted precisely by quite a number of information technology specialists and commentators, and it was not all blamable on the ongoing economic crises.
(30) In this passage, the husband seems both blameless and blamable: as his wife had already had laser surgery before they met, we cannot know whether the birthmark would have prevented their union; the narrator's doubts concerning his theoretical willingness to marry a woman with a birthmark are carried over into the wife's emotional response to observing another couple in a restaurant: "she would see a couple and one of them would have a port-wine stain and the other would clearly be in love with this stained person and she would hate her husband a little.
In the context of a discussion of why we should hesitate to view ethical phenomena from the point of view of world history, Hegel states that from the ethical point of view "the guilt falls [fallt der Schuld] on the individuals themselves for any decline, corruption, or loss of religious and ethical values." (56) Not only does the inevitable corruption of ethical life not release individuals from the ethical; Hegel thinks individuals themselves are blamable for allowing that corruption to occur and for participating in it.
As he instructs in his third Lecture on Moral Philosophy, "the moral sense implies also a sense of obligation, that such and such things are right, and others wrong; that we are bound in duty to do the one, and that our conduct is hateful, blamable, and deserving of punishment if we do the contrary" (Witherspoon 1805, 7:29).
This possibility retrospectively makes Gonzalo's persistent attempts to alleviate Alonso's gloom less questionable and, consequently, the disruption caused by Antonio's and Sebastian's acerbic quips more blamable. A pun normally succeeds by calling attention to the embarrassing bedfellows of meaning that can accompany a word's intended significance.
The struggle of the Bedouins was a hopeless one, and though the manner in which brutal soldiers, like Bugeaud, have carried on the war is highly blamable, the conquest of Algeria is an important and fortunate fact for the progress of civilization.
He added, "I only made use of the right that any man has to entrust a private matter to some people on whose discretion he prudently believes he can rely." (21) He regretted that the letter had fallen into the public domain but declared that, "one cannot hold me responsible for the blamable indiscretion which launched this letter in the public." (22) Voisin, writing to the editor of La Sentinelle on June 1, 1926, went on to explain what his motivations had been for disseminating copies of his original letter.