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an inflammatory swelling or sore

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Blain's Farm & Fleet, which is family-owned and not franchised, hearkens back to the general stores that flourished across the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries in many remote places where a single shop was sufficient to serve an entire community.
Today's Blain's Farm & Fleet is generally located in suburban fringe communities where they can serve hobby farmers (beekeepers and those with horses and chickens, primarily) as well as suburban homeowners.
Blain's Farm & Fleet offers the same range and varieties of products at the same prices, whether they are selling it in Sturtevant, Wisconsin; Cedar Falls, Iowa, or now in Michigan.
Blain said that, too often, memorials are erected long after the war has ended and when the young people who have served our country are forgotten.
Blain said there are plenty of well-deserved monuments already for those who served in World War II and the Vietnam War.
Blain's Farm and Fleet prides itself on becoming involved in each store's local community.
The corporation also supports the American Heart Association each August with the Bert Blain Memorial Heart Walk, held in Janesville.