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pompous or pretentious talk or writing

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Blah was asked to step aside from his position in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against him after multiple accounts indicated that Blah had made sexual advances towards women.
We're also excited to see who makes it through the entire screening of 'BLAH AIRLINES,' which at a 5 hours and 45 minutes running time -- begs the question, if you wouldn't sit through the entire film, why would you pay money to experience it in real-life on a flight?"
She also stressed her thanks to her art teacher, Miss McLeod, for suggesting that she join Blah Blah Blah three years ago; as well as her supportive parents, who have been hugely helpful throughout the creative process.
"By working with Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah, we believe that these young people will be able to engage more deeply with historical materials as they come to identify with their own histories and those of their communities.
The show's largest work, which lined the north wall of the lower gallery, includes twenty canvases, each with a single capital letter or comma from the phrase BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH--a humorous run-on of enthusiastic lethargy.
Framingham State College sent out a fundraising letter to alumni that included "blah" written more than 100 times, according to WCVB-TV in Boston.
An attempt to reach younger donors with a breezily written letter that uses the word "blah" 137 times has some Framingham State College (Mass.) alumni questioning the school's professionalism, judgment and ...
CONWY-BASED design and marketing firm blah d blah is back in business with support from new investors after going into voluntary administration in January.
I just read about an author who "lives in Corvallis with his partner, the poet Blah Blah Blah." Or you'll see someone is married to "the novelist Blah Blah Blah." Why the "the"?
I have this many sisters, this many brothers, blah blah blah.
A: "I have determination blah blah and drive to accomplish anything blah blah blah"
That party jam is followed by the Sista anthem "Taste of Dis," and the groove continues with the sassy "Blah Blah Blah," with licks from the late ODB (Dirt McGirt.) The talented young Valentine co-wrote each of the 15 songs, which reflect on issues that resonate with today's fast-living youth.
Fast-growing global wireless infotainment provider blah! has announced that Malaysian wireless carrier DiGi Sdn Bhd has joined blah!'s global wireless community, and that the number of blah!
Not surprisingly, the pressure is on to make cell phones work for text gossip, downloadable ring tones and multiplayer games, so-called "infotainment." Brazilian company Blah! and U.S.-based cellular operator Verizon Wireless have taken the lead in the region with an agreement that connects 2 million cellular users in Latin America to the more than 33 million Verizon customers in the United States, although it remains to be seen how many will take to finger-tiring text chatting.