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erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berries

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He explained: "We know that blaeberries - which come from the same family as blueberries - are naturally very high in a chemical substance called 'polyphenols'.
After washing up after this meal, Mam would set to and bake apple, plum, bilberry, bramble and bacon and egg pies, the bilberries, or blaeberries as Mam sometimes called them, and brambles being picked by the family during the summer on excursions to Eston Hills or Great Ayton.
In the summer, we stopped at the top to enjoy the view and ended up feasting on the blaeberries which were smothering the moorland.
It has the acidity and mellow fruit of ripe blaeberries with its damson flavours softened and slightly sweetened by a touch of cinnamon.
The grouse is truly "organic", roaming free on a diet of heather shoots, flowers and blaeberries. Blaeberries are similar to sloe or juniper berries.