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having a blade or blades

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composed of thin flat plates resembling a knife blade

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Future efforts should investigate the change of blade properties to lower the blade deflection and bending moment for the two bladed wind turbines.
It is clear that, design and production of the bladed disk with the dynamic vibration absorber has its own problems and in addition, as was discussed in this study before, they cannot sufficiently attenuate vibration in comparison to the viscoelastic blades.
Brocade Communications Systems Inc has scored an OEM deal with IBM Corp that will see Big Blue package a bladed Brocade SAN switch with its BladeCenter blade server chassis.
These are: the bladed airless abrasive wheel that propels the abrasive at the casting; the cabinet that confines the abrasive; the material handling system that positions the casting; the abrasive cleaning and recycling system; and a dust collector and vent pipe system.
Turhan and Bulut [6] studied coupling effects between shaft-torsional and blade-bending (in-plane) vibrations in turbomachinery and other rotating bladed structures and considered an idealized model where the blades are represented by uniform Euler-Bernoulli beams.