blade roast

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a roast cut from the blade

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Cuts like the T-bone, porterhouse, standing rib roast, prime rib with bone, bone-in rib steak, and bone-in chuck blade roast may contain spinal cord tissue or tiny nerves called dorsal root ganglia, which are infectious if they come from a cow with BSE.
cooked serving Ground Beef, broiled, well done (10% fat(*)) 210 100 Ground Beef, broiled, well done (17% fat(*)) 230 120 Ground Beef, broiled, well done (27% fat(*)) 250 150 Brisket, Whole, braised 290/210 190/100 Chuck, Arm Pot Roast, broiled 260/180 160/60 Chuck, Blade Roast, braised 290/210 190/100 Rib Roast, Large End, roasted 300/200 220/100 1/8" fat trim / Total Saturated Trimmed of visible fat Fat Fat Beef, 3oz.
It includes the butt, which can be smoked and cooked like ham, country-style ribs (great for braising and baking), Sunday dinner choices such as picnic arm roasts and shoulder blade roasts, and weeknight standbys such as picnic and blade steaks.