blade roast

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a roast cut from the blade

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Cuts like the T-bone, porterhouse, standing rib roast, prime rib with bone, bone-in rib steak, and bone-in chuck blade roast may contain spinal cord tissue or tiny nerves called dorsal root ganglia, which are infectious if they come from a cow with BSE.
cooked serving Ground Beef, broiled, well done (10% fat(*)) 210 100 Ground Beef, broiled, well done (17% fat(*)) 230 120 Ground Beef, broiled, well done (27% fat(*)) 250 150 Brisket, Whole, braised 290/210 190/100 Chuck, Arm Pot Roast, broiled 260/180 160/60 Chuck, Blade Roast, braised 290/210 190/100 Rib Roast, Large End, roasted 300/200 220/100 1/8" fat trim / Total Saturated Trimmed of visible fat Fat Fat Beef, 3oz.
* Tougher cuts of beef, such as blade roasts, flank steak or short ribs should be marinated for 24 to 48 hours.
It includes the butt, which can be smoked and cooked like ham, country-style ribs (great for braising and baking), Sunday dinner choices such as picnic arm roasts and shoulder blade roasts, and weeknight standbys such as picnic and blade steaks.