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Synonyms for bladdery

resembling a bladder


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frutescens is a perennial leguminous shrub with pinnately compound leaves and bright red flowers which produce inflated bladdery pods.
That's how she apologized when he came home to find her table pushed closer to the window where the physallis swelled its bladdery calyces like purple Chinese lanterns, every day more translucent, as if made of wax paper, and eventually let them loose off their stems to soar in the long air of Pache Protopopescu Avenue, hot-air balloons that needed no one's help to start wandering across the wide world that opened beyond ProTV's tricolor-striped building, to hover past the busy Iancu Square, past the endless rows of identical concrete blocks of flats in Pantelimon, over the tractors rusting by the roofless collective farm of Dobroesti, and eventually to falter over old Matei Dropie's compost ditch.