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any of numerous aquatic carnivorous plants of the genus Utricularia some of whose leaves are modified as small urn-shaped bladders that trap minute aquatic animals

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The bladderwort is an eccentric and complicated plant.
The bladderwort is a complicated plant, which lives in aquatic habitats such as freshwater wetlands, and has developed corresponding, highly specialized hunting methods.
He also captured the pond-dwelling bladderworts as they snap shut their traps in less than a millisecond and the vampirelike sundews, which snare prey with sticky tentacles and suck the life from them.
That's because the bladderwort is one of the fastest bug-eating plants on the planet.
Ponies on fen- land, left, and, below, the rare bladderwort, which traps insects via a vaccumoperated underwater trapdoor system Cattle graze next to fens, above, and left, a fly orchid The Anglesey and Llyn Fens LIFE project team, Justin Hanson, Peter Jones and Llion Jones
For yes, they're there -- / the slow moan of them squelching through the fog / of their own breaths, swinging full udders, / dainty hoofs picking through bladderwort / and crowfoot.
Recently, scientists at the University of Western Sydney, Richard Jobson, Charles Morris and Shelley Burgin, conducted an experiment to determine whether the meat-eating bladderwort (Utricularia uliginosa), a rootless herb, responds to the presence or absence of prey, and to increased nitrogen when grown in pots.
Costs of carnivory in the common bladderwort, Utricularia macrorhiza.
Rootless and adrift in its wetland habitat, the humped bladderwort (Utricularia gibba) preys on water fleas and other small invertebrates.
Pond-dwelling bladderwort Giant water lily The Palm House at Kew Titan arum at Kew Stunning orchid
WESTMINSTER - Milfoil, bladderwort and fanwort - aquatic weeds with names that sound as if they come straight out of the Harry Potter series - are nuisances that people living on Wyman Pond have spent many thousands of dollars over the past five years to try to get rid of.
During the study period, even very shallow open-water areas of Moccasin Pond supported dense stands of submergent plants, mainly bladderwort (Utricularia spp.
The high-speed cameras show that, at least in three bladderwort species, the traps spring using an elastic buckle.
And a water flea that bumbles into a little cup of a bladderwort likewise confronts the peril of touch-sensitive triggers.