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Synonyms for bladderpod

North American wild lobelia having small blue flowers and inflated capsules formerly used as an antispasmodic

annual or perennial herbs with inflated seed pods

any of several plants of the genus Physaria having racemose yellow flowers and inflated pods

any of several hairy North American herbs having yellow racemose flowers and inflated pods

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After the Missouri bladderpod was listed as endangered, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDOC), The Nature Conservancy, and the U.
Although not glitzy or exciting, work to save the Missouri bladderpod has been coordinated and consistent.
Habitat and plant community of Zapata bladderpod (Physaria thamnophila), an endangered plant of the Texas-Mexico borderlands.
TABLE 1--Results of analyses of variance comparing the three descriptors of vegetation between treatments at Cuellar, Starr County, Texas, or comparing them among the other three sites in Starr County, Texas, used to assess ecological relationships of the Zapata bladderpod Physaria thamnophila.
Zapata bladderpod is silvery-green perennial with sprawling stems (Poole 1989).
and Karwinski's grama were the dominant grasses, and summer bluet and McVaugh's bladderpod were the dominant forbs; buffalograss occurs in the area but was not common (RD = 0.
weed, bladderpod, pressure, diarrhea, emetic herb, dizziness, tremors; possible gagroot, lobelie, deaths reported.
asthma weed, bladderpod, rapid heartbeat, low Bangladesh and
Lobelia (Lobelia inflata, Breathing difficulty, Banned in asthma weed, bladderpod, rapid heartbeat, low Bangladesh and emetic herb, gagroot, blood pressure, Italy.
The conditions also brought impressive stands of yellow-flowered bladderpod and the blue-flowered blue phacelia.
Livestock producers have long been wary of these weeds, commonly known by such names as rattlebrush, rattlebox, coffeebean, bagpod, and bladderpod, because grazing animals as well as chickens and hogs can succumb to the powerful toxins in the seeds.
Rhynchosida physocalyx (Gray) Fryxell, Bladderpod sida (RR).
Final Recovery Plan A plan to recover the Zapata bladderpod (Lesquerella thamnophila) was approved by the Southwest Regional Director in 2004, with concurrence from the Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
The recovery plan is an important tool for private landowners who may be interested in contributing to Zapata bladderpod recovery,, and it will stimulate cooperation between the United States and Mexico.
Until recently, the Missouri bladderpod (Lesquerella filiformis) was found only in four southwestern Missouri counties.