bladder sphincter

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the sphincter muscle of the urinary bladder

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As an example, say you're receiving increased pension, based on the need for aid and attendance, because of paraplegia with loss of anal and bladder sphincter control, depression and hypertension.
I was concerned that the bladder sphincter was not controlling the flow of urine as it should have been doing and so we admitted the puppy for investigation.
One thousand video-urodynamic studies in children with nonneurogenic bladder sphincter dysfunction.
Ginsberg declaration, while offering his own medical opinion, candidly acknowledged that it was possible that Gregory's incontinence was caused by injury to his bladder sphincter. Having concluded that the Hospital had failed to meet its burden of proof to prevail, the court ruled that summary judgment for the hospital be reversed.
The antagonist activity of aripiprazole at 5-HT2A and alfa 1 receptors on detrusor muscle and internal bladder sphincter, respectively, might have contributed to enuresis in our case, although it had no noticeable anticholinergic effects.
Children with both non-neuropathic at-risk bladder secondary to posterior urethral valve (PUV) and non-neuropathic bladder sphincter dysfunction (NNBSD) are a challenge to manage.
A similar procedure is successfully improving bladder sphincter function in human trials of patients with urinary incontinence.
Older dogs, overweight dogs, and dogs with neurological problems may develop a weak bladder sphincter. These causes of incontinence can affect dogs of both genders, whether intact or neutered.