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Synonyms for perforation

an opening, especially in a solid structure

a small mark or hole made by a sharp, pointed object

Words related to perforation

a line of small holes for tearing at a particular place

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a hole made in something

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the act of punching a hole (especially a row of holes as for ease of separation)

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Intraoperative bladder perforation occurs in 3%-9% of cases of midurethral retropubic sling procedures, for instance, according to ACOG's opinion paper.
Patients with suspected bladder perforation or deep/extensive resection should not receive an immediate instillation, as severe complications have been reported in this setting.
The cystography revealed the presence of a foreign body in the bladder, but there was no extravasation or suspicion of bladder perforation.
7% with Piranha and VersaCut morcellators, respectively; there were bladder perforations with the VersaCut morcellator (range: 0.
Bladder perforation has consistently been shown to be significantly more common with retropubic slings than with transobturator slings.
Laparoscopic repair of intraperitoneal bladder perforation was first described in 1994 and since then, a few cases of such approach have been reported to treat traumatic, spontaneous and iatrogenic bladder rupture, avoiding laparotomy (1).
3 (450; 250-1000) Transperitoneal 9 Extraperitoneal 11 Lymphadenectomy (+) 7 Lymphadenectomy (-) 13 No nerve sparing 11 Nerve sparing (UL) 4 Nerve sparing (BL) 5 Simultaneous surgery Bilateral JJ catheter 1 Herniorrhaphy 2 Intraoperative complications Rectal perforation 1 Bladder perforation 1 Group 2 (n = 20) Operation time * (min) 210.
Computed tomography revealed clot and air within the bladder suggestive of a bladder perforation.
There also were significantly less bladder perforation, less mesh erosion, and less voiding dysfunction.
59) While the majority of these involved removal of bladder or renal stones, a substantial proportion were to address more serious complications, such as bowel obstruction, bladder perforation, and transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the bladder.
Serious adverse events including bladder perforation and the formation of vaginal granulation tissue occurred in 16.
1,2] To the best of our knowledge, only a few cases have been published with bladder perforation in the scrotal hernia.
Of course, if a bladder perforation is identified, it must be closed and a catheter placed for 10-14 days.
But in the wrong hands these synthetic mesh slings can become problematic, with bladder perforation, vaginal mesh exposure, voiding difficulty, worsening urgency, urinary tract infections, and pain being some potential complications.
A computed tomography (CT) and cystogram did not show a bladder perforation, but were notable for a left ischial fracture and the presence of a bullet within the bladder (Fig.