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Synonyms for perforation

an opening, especially in a solid structure

a small mark or hole made by a sharp, pointed object

Words related to perforation

a line of small holes for tearing at a particular place

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a hole made in something

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the act of punching a hole (especially a row of holes as for ease of separation)

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Computed tomography revealed clot and air within the bladder suggestive of a bladder perforation. He underwent a laparotomy and repair of a defect in the dome of the bladder in 2 layers in a water-tight fashion using absorbable polyglactin.
Comparison of the outcome of two surgical procedures was done in terms of operation time (in minutes), post operative time required for return of normal bowel activity (audible bowel sounds) (in hours), post operative hospital stay (in days), post operative requirement of analgesics (number of days), rate of conversion from laparoscopic to open cholecystectomy and intra - operative complications e.g gall bladder perforation, uncontrolled hemorrhage, common bile duct injury or ligation of common bile duct and injury of viscera during trochar or verres needle insertion in laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
Management of bladder perforation in patients post-augmentation typically consists of laparotomy, externalization of the ventricular-peritoneal (VP) shunt, bladder closure, and drainage.
As for bladder perforation, in the study comparing the pubovaginal sling, TVT, and TOT for stress urinary incontinence with ISD, (1) no perforation was reported in a total of 92 TVT procedures.
Accidental bladder perforation is also recognised easily if the spinal level is limited to T10, because the patient experiences abdominal or shoulder pain.
4.: Intra-operative view showing the bladder perforation.
No significant difference was noted between the groups in the primary outcome, which was the rate of bladder perforation (TVT, 0.7%; SPARC, 1.9% [p = .62]).
[1.] Derici H, Kara C, Bozdag AD, Nazil O, Tansug T, Akca E: Diagnosis & treatment of gall bladder perforation. World J Gastroenterol 2006;12:7832-7836.
Bladder perforation is negligible with tot .the tunneler passage of the outside in obturator approach has been shown to be associated with lower urinary tract injury.
Bladder perforation was more common with TVT than with TOT (7% and 0, respectively [p = .02]).
The most common complications in the SPLC group gall bladder perforation and bile spillage (5 patients).
In his series, "there were two intraoperative complications--one bladder perforation and a urethral perforation," said Dr.
Bladder perforation was rare (PVS, 1; TVT and TOT, 0).
Pseudo-renal failure following the delayed diagnosis of bladder perforation after diagnostic laparoscopy.
A computed tomography (CT) and cystogram did not show a bladder perforation, but were notable for a left ischial fracture and the presence of a bullet within the bladder (Fig.