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supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc

(medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution

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At this point, the procedure was aborted and a 3-way Foley catheter was placed for continuous bladder irrigation.
Abbreviations IMT: Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor CBI: Continuous bladder irrigation ALK: Anaplastic lymphoma kinase.
The specimens were submitted as voided urine (n = 12; 67%), bladder irrigation (n = 4; 22%), ureteral brush (n = 1; 6%), and nephrostomy tube (n = 1; 6%) samples.
Urinary tract infections with Burkholderia cepacia have been associated after bladder irrigation or use of contaminated hospital objects.
This study concluded that there were 44 different job titles being used by urology nurses and a variety of clinical responsibilities, including bladder scanning, catheter insertion, changing catheters, and bladder irrigation.
Bladder irrigation using hydrogen peroxide for clot evacuation.
This demonstrated that the allantoic cyst filled with bladder irrigation (figure 1B,C), and that there was no congenital bladder outlet obstruction.
Systemic or bladder irrigation with antimicrobials is not recommended at catheter placement, replacement, or removal to reduce catheter-associated bacteriuria.
The researchers concluded that a bladder irrigation solution using NVC-422 could manage catheter biofilm blockage and encrustation if used on a regular basis.
Another study showed a decrease in body temperature with the onset of epidural anaesthesia, before bladder irrigation was commenced (Hahn 1993), indicating that this may partly contribute to heat loss.
By contrast, attending to bladder irrigation was much less frequent (n=8).
University of Alabama at Birmingham, for "Evaluation of Three Bladder Irrigation Methods for Treatment of UTI in Persons With SCI.