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Acute renal failure resulting from huge inguinal bladder hernia. Urology 2004;64(1):156-57.
Most small bladder hernias are discovered intraoperatively due to the lack of urinary symptoms prior to herniorrhaphy.
Common etiologies of bladder hernia include obesity, pelvic wall failure, and bladder outlet obstruction (6).
Hydrocele was thought to be due to bladder hernia, the ureters pulled toward the inguinal canal and cord pressure caused by the prostate.
Imaging of urinary bladder hernias. AJR Am J Roentgenol.
From these findings, we diagnosed a recurrent bilateral bladder hernia after B-TAPP.
Both hernia orifices were located inside of both medial umbilical folds; therefore, we intraoperatively diagnosed a recurrent bilateral supravesical bladder hernia with no lateral recurrences (Figure 3(b)).
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Our present case was without obvious bladder hernia and different from most reported cases.
An inguinoscrotal bladder hernia encountered during hernia repair should be reduced and a standard hernia repair performed.
Massive bladder hernia: ultrasonographicimaging in two cases.
Inguinal bladder hernia must be suspected in high risk patients, in order to perform preoperative investigation to better plan surgical operation.
Bladder hernia, especially with bladder rupture, is rare.
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