bladder disorder

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a disorder of the urinary bladder

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Depression, panic, abnormal behavior, acidosis, anxiety, bladder disorder, and osmolality decrease are not noted on the label as possible adverse events, Dr.
The oxybutynin patch is designed to treat urinary urge incontinence, a bladder disorder that results in uncontrolled release of urine.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- The start of the National Overactive BLadder Evaluation (NOBLE) Study, the largest and most comprehensive research project ever undertaken to identify the prevalence and impact of a widespread bladder disorder, was announced today at the 1999 International Bladder Symposium.
CT, researchers will share data highlighting this therapy as an effective treatment option for bladder disorders such as overactive bladder (OAB) and neurogenic bladder dysfunction.
Washington, June 17 ( ANI ): A prospective study of 23 women aged 21 - 71 showed pelvic neuromodulation for bladder disorders also increased five of six sexual function scores in a validated questionnaire administered pre- and post-treatment.
Additionally, he will treat kidney and bladder disorders, incontinence andcancers of the urinary tract, and perform a variety of in-office procedures such as vasectomy and cystoscopy.
Localization of M2 and M3 muscarinic receptors in human bladder disorders and their clinical correlations.
based emerging medical device company that develops and commercializes office-based treatments for bladder disorders.
The 12-day marathon will raise funds for two charities - Stoma Nurse Specialists, which cares for children with bowel and bladder disorders, and the Wooden Spoon, a rugby charity which supports mentally, physically or socially disadvantaged children.
Urogynaecology and you; a handbook for women and bladder disorders, womb and vaginal prolapse.
Endo said the deal for Indevus, a maker of treatments for prostate cancer, bladder disorders and other diseases, will cut earnings in 2009, though the company expects to achieve $40 million in cost savings.
Medications used to treat bladder disorders were the most problematic.
Today, more than 90 percent of infants born with spina bifida survive, but of those surviving, many have a range of handicaps, from paralysis and severe bowel and bladder disorders to learning disabilities.
This investment will allow us to advance our lead product candidate, Lidocaine Releasing Intravesical System (LiRIS[R]), into later stage clinical development for the treatment of multiple bladder disorders, and to continue to build the rest of our pipeline of novel therapeutics, leveraging common, minimally invasive urological procedures.