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Synonyms for bladder

a distensible membranous sac (usually containing liquid or gas)

a bag that fills with air

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They were awful to see, and the bones about them rattled as they ran, the bladders and the snake-skins floated in the air behind them, their faces shone with the fat of anointing, their eyes started like the eyes of fishes, and their lips twitched hungrily as they glared round the death-ring.
But twenty thousand bladders inflated by the noblest sentiments and jostling against each other in the air are a miserable incumbrance of space, holding no power, possessing no will, having nothing to give.
She's so much acquaintance as I've seen her legs when they was like bladders.
Restorative nurse Patty Brincko, LPN, who manages bladder-control problems among the facility's residents, instituted a program that uses a portable bladder scanner to assess bladder volume accurately.
Key words: bladder, bladder cancer, bladder cell line, heat shock proteins, immortalization, interstitial cystitis, metallothionein isoforms, stress response, urothelium.
For more information on bowel or bladder problems, call your chapter.
We have described a case of successful laparoscopic repair of an intraperitoneal bladder rupture.
LONDON, May 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bladder Cancer Awareness Day - Despite being the 4th most common cancer in men and the 11th most common in women[1], over half the people surveyed across Great Britain have no idea what the risk factors for developing bladder cancer are[2].
Congenital bladder diverticula represent a herniation of the bladder urothelium through the muscularis propria of the bladder wall.
If your system doesn't have an external cap, you'll have to remove the bladder from the carrier.
This is accomplished by inserting a heated bladder into the tire and expanding it with live steam.
23, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- November is National Bladder Health Awareness month and the bladder cancer specialists at Chesapeake Urology encourage all men and women to know the signs and symptoms of bladder cancer, and when it's time to call a doctor.
This is the passage of a sterile catheter (tube) into the bladder to drain away urine.
Inguinoscrotal hernia containing the urinary bladder is rare.
com)-- The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) has launched a redesigned website - bcan.