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very dark wood of any of several blackwood trees

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The Blackwoods said they paid Mr Peters pounds 17,800 for an extension at their home in Erdington Hall Road, Erdington.
You would think Blackwoods as an Edinburgh company would do better but, again, a brief newspaper-width paragraph is enough.
Maureen frequently decamped from the Blackwoods ancestral home, Clandeboye, to London's livelier social scene.
James who owns a detached home with his new wife Rachael in Blackwoods upmarket Carnegie Gardens has never even met his two grandsons - Alan's two-year-old twins, Scott and Jack and doesn't know what he'd say to his son if they bumped into each other on the street.
67), because before he began the novella he had placed 'Karain' with Blackwoods, who went on to serialize 'Youth', 'Heart of Darkness', Lord Jim, and 'The End of the Tether'.
Her father was a friend of Gait and the Blackwoods, her cousin Henry of Maria Edgeworth, the Thomsons of L.
Delighted Dougie Blackwoods, from Helensburgh, scooped pounds 2500 in the Scratch game.
Blackwoods, Acadia, Maine; oceanside drive-ins and tent walk-ins, Bayside, Assateague Island National Seashore, Md.
WS Why did you change publishers from Blackwoods to Arnold?
For example, the assertions that male readers of Past and Present responded to the `male fantasies aarticulated by Carlyle' and found his `words resonating with their anxieties about male identity' is based on a Blackwoods reviewer's remark that the book `appeals to the individual heart' and `to the consciousness of each man, and to the high and eternal laws of justice and charity--lo, ye are brethren
Three days later Douglas brought readers the touching story of 11-year-old Steven Carson and former Blackwoods Beverages president Gerald Gray.
In the first court case, Thomas Pringle sued Thomas Cadell, the publisher of Blackwoods Magazine, which published a "savage diatribe" against Mary Prince by James Macqueen, editor of the Glasgow Courier, a strong opponent of emancipation.
Klingender, Art and the Industrial Revolution (London, 1972): 129, citing Blackwoods Magazine, November, 1830.
Monk was often in good form during this period, and the Blackwoods had the sense to shoot his performances in fairly long takeS.