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very dark wood of any of several blackwood trees

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The meltdown of the real estate markets has provided Steven Blackwood with unprecedented opportunity the past few years.
4-mile Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail (trailhead near the Blackwoods Campground entrance), which leaves the forest to ascend the big peak's gradual slopes; be on the lookout for raptors at Eagles Crag.
But it is also true that few of these young writers take children's books or magazines as models for their productions, preferring to imitate or to parody novels such as those of Sir Walter Scott or periodicals such as Blackwoods or Punch.
The Blackwoods were among a number of clients who complained they paid Mr Peters for work which was never properly finished.
It may be one of the oldest spirits on the market, but gin is enjoying something of a renaissance with new "boutique" brands such as Martin Miller's, Hendrick's and Blackwoods giving Gordon's and co a run for their money.
Blackwoods, pawnbrokers and clothiers, Parliament Row, Hanley.
A Michael Blackwoods cross from the left was headed powerfully into the roof of the net by Stuart Whitehead from close range.
34) Agnes Skrine, "A Lady's Life on a Ranch," Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine, 163 (1898): 6.
You would think Blackwoods as an Edinburgh company would do better but, again, a brief newspaper-width paragraph is enough.
s, and "yes, blood"s, like a gang of baby Richard Blackwoods and Tim Westwoods.
James who owns a detached home with his new wife Rachael in Blackwoods upmarket Carnegie Gardens has never even met his two grandsons - Alan's two-year-old twins, Scott and Jack and doesn't know what he'd say to his son if they bumped into each other on the street.
Delighted Dougie Blackwoods, from Helensburgh, scooped pounds 2500 in the Scratch game.
Blackwoods, Acadia, Maine; oceanside drive-ins and tent walk-ins, Bayside, Assateague Island National Seashore, Md.
Klingender, Art and the Industrial Revolution (London, 1972): 129, citing Blackwoods Magazine, November, 1830.
Los proveedores participantes incluyeron a: Alpha Trading & Supply, Amsted Maxion, Atkins Carlyle, Blackwoods, Canadian Bearings, Corporate Express, Crescent Electric, Fastenal, Ferreteria Prat, Finning, Glenvalve, Hyster, Marmon/Keystone, Motion Industries, Inc.